Monokle (aka Vlad, of St. Petersburg) gets a mesmerizing new video for his track “Swan.” It’s the work of Bucharest-born, 23-year-old artist Alina Anca, spinning the glitchy goodness of Monokle’s music into a magical study of pattern and outer space.

Anca’s own work delves into the esoteric and surreal, never without some youthful fancy – the kind of spirit that sets work apart from the mundane. She’s a nice foil to the album artist for this release, Argentinian Carolina Nino.

In fact, with a growing number of young artists exploding into these sorts of releases, I’m eager to see what musical-visual collaborations may emerge, particularly as these same creatives grow.

The music is out this week on Ki-Records.


  • SkyRon™

    Technically – – superlative!
    Aesthetically – – meh . . . (Commercial facility, but does not transform me. Did it transform the creator? Sorry, just sayin’. )

  • SkyRon™

    OK, fine. No ‘meh’ comments allowed. Blessings to all.

  • SkyRon™

    Aesthetic evaluations (such as ‘meh’) are not allowed on this site. I get it!

    Datta. Dayadhvam. Damyata. Shanti shanti shanti

  • I would say technically and aesthetically meh myself. Sorry this video is lame!

  • Is like a lucid dream ! 🙂