Beth Wexler – aka Memory Lab – writes with a terrific music video project, built in Flash. It’s a lovely example of doing more with less, featuring some elegant, minimal colored geometries dancing along with the music – and brings a VJ aesthetic to the video, a bit of abstract expression.

The music is Philadelphia’s Les Professionnels, who just released an EP with remixes by Eliot Lipp, Lushlife, and others.

Beth writes:

I recently received my MFA from Rhode Island School of Design in Digital media. I’m a VJ, digital media artist, and musician. I’ve teamed up with Les Professionnels, a Philly based electronic band. I have recently completed a music video (made all in Flash, and spiced up just a bit in After Effects and Final Cut Pro) for them.

She’s working on live performances, too, so I hope she keeps us posted.

Greetings from Kraków, Poland – hope to bring you some coverage of the Patch audio visual lab happening this weekend, of which I’m fortunate to be a part. See you next week, CDMers.

  • VJ Air

    i like it. strong,colourful graphic style. it suits my taste very well.

  • Les Professionnels

    I’m 1/3rd of the Les Professionnels unit and we couldnt be more awed and amazed with what Beth came up with for this video. Thank you for the compliments as well, but of course all congratulations here goes to Beth and Memory Lab!