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From the Prophet 12 to Korg’s MS-20 Mini (and King Korg – more on that soon), iConnectMIDI interfaces for your iPad to Arturia ultra-portable keyboards, from analog to digital, from big releases to oddities, CDM has some roving reporters out on the floor of America’s biggest musical instrument trade show, NAMM.

James Grahame, principal engineer behind the MeeBlip, kicks things off. Looking through his photos is a bit like seeing the show through his eyes.

The flagship keyboards you’ve heard of (though Moog-branded water is a surprise). Some of the other good news: the iConnectMIDI4 Plus looks very versatile, indeed, complete with the ability to host USB MIDI devices and bridge them to outboard equipment that doesn’t have USB. Included audio is a bonus; beyond that, James says these cases are rugged steel with powder coating and each a “Swiss Army knife for MIDI connectivity.” You can charge up those iOS gadgets while you’re running, too, taming Apple’s shiny gadgets for serious use.

It may be the anniversary year of MIDI at NAMM, but Control Voltage is everywhere – including on digital gear. So you’ll see Keith McMillen’s upcoming keyboard product connected to an Oberheim SEM.

Arturia has some pint-sized goodies: a new version of their Spark drum machine at US$299, plus an ultra-compact keyboard with wooden end caps for $129 that James says feels solid for its crazy-small size.

I’m intrigued by the reappearance of the Buchla Music Easel, which you see above. More on that soon – $3995 projected list.

But, for now, let’s gawk, shall we?

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