Percussa micro super signal processor

When we first saw movements and dance converted to music in February, it must have sparked some interest. Developer Jesper Nordin tells us popular demand has prompted him to release a free (as in beer) version of his Gestrument Kinect controller. With a beta download and a Windows or Mac machine, you can translate Microsoft’s depth-sensing camera to MIDI events you can use with instruments.

Previously (including mention of the iPad version of this idea, if you don’t fancy prancing about in front of a camera):
Gestrument, Shaping Music with Kinect, Touch, and Acoustic Ensembles [Videos]

Now, you can grab the Kinect app as a beta download. Notes and information currently under the “future” heading:

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Below, more experiments with the very first version of this – as a patch for graphical development environment Max/MSP – at Lyon, France’s GRAME research center:

Kinect Rhytmic improvisation from GRAME on Vimeo.

Kinect improvising from GRAME on Vimeo.

Jean Geoffroy – performer
Christophe Lebreton – “Light Music” interface patch
Jesper Nordin – musical patch and parameters

If you make something with this, we’d love to see it. Naturally, there are visual applications as well as musical ones, again making use of MIDI.