Percussa micro super signal processor


If projection mapping often seems superficial, tacked onto architecture as afterthought, Ryoji Ikeda finds the perfect site for his art in the row of circles at Fondation Vasarly, Aix-en-Provence.

There, as noise and beeps coolly hum away, a feed of sonic information flowing like a river, circle and square seem not just convenient geometry but genuine signifier. From moments of sublime abstraction, they become discs of data, portals into a microscope and then a telescope, distant worlds and mapped moons and weather patterns and oscilloscopes. There isn’t a distinction between the architecture and the content: the architecture becomes content. For a vision of what fluid architectural interfaces of the future might be, in fact, this demonstrates the forms of the building remade as displays, speaking volumes.

And even our short-attention span Internet, you may find yourself lost in reverie even in this video.

Site-specific work:

OCT 10-13, 2013 Fondation Vasarely, Marseille-Provence 2013, Aix-en-Provence, FR
concept, composition: Ryoji Ikeda
computer graphics, programming: Tomonaga Tokuyama, Norimichi Hirakawa

Documentation: Cyril Meroni.

Photo credit: Ryoji Ikeda.

Yeah, he’s still got it.

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