What if there wasn’t the arbitrary division between music and motion, sound and image, because so often the focus of this site has been finding the connection?

What if Create Digital Motion were rebooted to make it fit 2014, and what happens next?

What if we looked at how to make the site stand out amidst a new online landscape in creative technology?

What if there were just one CDM?

And then what if we made it better?

That’s the plan. Stay tuned.

Sorry for the delay, but sometimes you have to hit pause to go forward.

  • Kristoffer Lislegaard

    Looking forward to this!

  • Rcc


  • Popo Bawa

    I thought it was fitting 2014 just fine, but am interested to see “what happens next”.

    Thanks for the update!

  • Jurgen

    Personally I regretted the departure of the noise pages more than anything else. – When you ponder over a single “unified” CDM page I think it makes an awful lot of sense. One can’t always draw a sharp line between digital motion and digital music, whereas the retired noise pages were more specifically ‘noise to support movies’.
    To stick out in the online landscape I believe is content – I found that CDM has the edge there since a few years over others and it is part of my daily reading routine. Perhaps you can invite more ‘guest posts’ – it would ease your workload for this page and at the same time expand the horizon over things that your mind was not focussed to the same degree.

  • Graham Thorne

    I was wondering about this. I check this page (and the music every day!) and noticed the Motion section had not been updated for a long time. I agree – time fora change and a re-jig!

  • azoon


  • Tim Reha

    Was missing it… Thanks so much for putting time into the great content. More!

  • Feel

    yeahhhh 🙂

  • Dansro

    La creación digital no conoce de divisiones y fronteras! Así que, Peter, este es el paso necesario.

  • Terrible


    … looking forward to having a look at whatever you do here.

  • quest

    It’s a very symbolic time to be making the decision to do this. After academic research for years on the subject, I’m convinced the next 5 years will see the convergence of digital audio and graphics like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Hoping to help at the forefront of that process.

  • massta

    Go bigger, go longer! and make it 8K all the way….
    don’t forget to bring HD mixing to the masses along the way…

  • Tracy Evans

    Awesome! Bring it all together and cross-polinate.

  • Mutis Mayfield

    Create Digital Media 😉

  • 16k

    you are so pathetic

  • ronin

    Bring it on! Have been missing the Motion

  • Me

    I miss the motion :/


    Can we hit PLAY again now?

  • Matt Leaf

    nice one!

  • David Brady

    Whats the scoop? 2014 is coming to a close.

  • leolodreamland

    I’m watching…


    Perhaps we could at least get another post confirming that CDMotion is not dead? Peter?

  • David Brady

    OK – 2014 has passed. What’s the story morning glory?

  • Esteban Garcia

    Please don’t go!

  • 1rel

    analog is the new digital 😉

  • DPrty

    April 7th 2015