CDM quietly turned eleven years old this year (after humble beginnings). But it’s not where we’ve been I want to share – it’s where we’re going. And that begins with a new site design and server infrastructure.

You’ve been absolutely extraordinary in your support as readers and, more than that, a community, as we’ve grown over the years. But that means building a new platform so we can explore new places.


Dutch-born designer Marijn Degenaar has worked with us to give CDM a new format. I want to make reading more pleasurable – and that certainly makes writing more pleasurable. There’s what you’ll see immediately, visually, but also other ways in which this new appearance and visual identity let us build on the site and in other formats. Those possibilities will unfold gradually in the future.

We’re also indebted to Anette K. Hansen (born in Norway, now here in Berlin) for her logo, which you may have noticed quietly creeping into things we’ve been doing. Anette also worked with us on the look of MeeBlip.

And lastly, our new Web infrastructure and administration comes from UK-born, Berlin-based Joel Bernstein.

You’ll notice this is called “CDM” – and not this jumble of createdigitalmusicmotionnoise. That means one of the first things we’ll be doing is migrating and integrating the old content from Create Digital Motion – and launching a new look at that topic that’s integrated with our music stories. The migration won’t happen immediately, but the new content will.

Some notes: we’re adjusting mobile, and will get that to you in coming days. And there are some issues we’re actively fixing, so you might see some strangeness as things settle down. We wanted to get this version out in order to get some feedback and to begin working live.

There will no doubt be some bugs as we finish this deployment, but I hope to have everything working by next week as we head into the holidays. We have some really special things to share for our year in review, as well, so stay with us. I can’t wait.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the image, well, that basically sums up how I feel about this project.

  • Looks good!

  • Congrats on the nice clean look!

  • nothingnatural

    Love the new logo, like the new design; here’s to 11 more years!

  • Congrats on 11 years! The new theme looks lovely and it even squishes down for tiny screens. 🙂

  • Dan Shuta

    so glad that you are keeping / reintegrating the old C.D.Motion articles, i have many bookmarked that i want to return to, guess those bookmarks won’t work anymore though…

    • Actually, no – they will magically start working again (really) 🙂 That’s what we’re working on.

      The difference will be, we’ll finally be able to admit that a lot of content can be *both* music and motion.

      • Nice – as a twice-featured artist on CDMotion, I finally get onto CDMusic… without doing anything!

  • Bot

    Best resource ever! Keep on keeping on…

  • Not a fan of the new design. Now you have to scroll down to read the first article. Is a slideshow really necessary as a primary element in a music website?

    • No, the first image *is* a link to the first story. So not totally sure what you mean?

      We’re playing a bit with how that slider works (like maybe it won’t auto-advance…)

      • Why a link is needed when the story is right below it? I’d like more something like this but I understand that there is a design trend to put the content below the fold. I guess I’ll use a custom stylesheet.

        • Whoa, just — give us a second. We’ve had this design up for not even a full 12 hours yet. 😉

          The behavior you’re describing is just the main landing page. Looking at the links to ‘latest’ and ‘music,’ I’m tweaking where those go and how they look, and learning how some of those interactions work on this style sheet. So one will be maybe more like what you’re describing.

          • Sorry, I did not want to sound negative. It’s just that I find the old landing page very readable and direct, with the right amount of information showing from each article. I liked the fact that it looked more like a conversation than a news site. But Istill find CDM the best place on the net for interesting music making news!

          • Florian Krause

            I have to agree, the former design was amongst the best I have seen for blog. The new one feels very unsettled to me. The highlighted article is also very different from the others in the list (e.g. no comment count shown, etc.). I feel a bit “lost” on the page.
            I also don’t want to sound too negative here, as I understand that it can be nice to freshen up a website once in a while. I personally just fond the old design more ergonomic.

      • ok, now I see what you mean. I just assumed that the “Welcome to a new cdm” was not a normal article, and that it didn’t show with the other articles, so normally the top story would be both in the carousel and listed below.

  • Lâm HUA

    great job!

  • Mcpepe

    Congratulations for the 11 years and new design! This has been my default web when I open my browser for many years, and more to come.

  • Quentin Leonetti

    Just replace the carousel by something that doesn’t move please! Else it’s really cool
    Info about why :

    • Yeah, actually playing with the settings there, sorry – I don’t like the animation, either. 🙂

      • Quentin Leonetti

        Don’t worry, that’s the joys of making a new theme 🙂 Also, would it be possible to get pagination back on the front page?
        Thanks a lot, have a great weekend

  • Blue Monster 65

    Congrats on 11 years – wishing you many more! I’ve certainly enjoyed reading along the way and have learned much. Thank you!

  • migvieira


  • TJ

    Cool logo, seems very “Berlin”.

  • newmiracle

    Long time reader. Congrats on the new layout! I’m sure everyone has their two cents (as do I), but that can be for another time. Good job, and glad to see the site evolving. Looking forward to CDM’s future.

  • chaircrusher

    Been trying to break it without succeeding. Good on you.

    It is interesting and instructive to mess around with resizing the window. At least with Chrome it will only get so narrow, don’t know if that’s the browser or the site.

    On a full HD screen maximized it’s more negative space than positive. Honestly I don’t know how you’d use that space better when it’s available, but it looks a little odd when the window is super large.

    Looks lovely on my Android phone.

  • thelov

    Awesome! 🙂

  • Jeff Sandys

    I like your picture of the Museum of Astronautics, did you visit it when you were in Moscow?

  • Terrible

    Peter, Congrats on 11 years; thanks for the great site, and looking forward to what you have coming … R.

  • Chris Stack

    Another great example of the exciting times in which we live!

  • Stefan Weise

    Congrats! Hope to see this site stick around for another 11 years. Now about that logo…I’d love to get a t-shirt with that on it 🙂

  • pinta_vodki

    Cool, congrats! Just keep the RSS working, pretty please!

  • kable

    Yeah, I confess I agree that the design kinda obscures that the headlining image is actually the top story. Also, the social media stuff with all the icons top centered hurts my brain. Otherwise I quite like the design. Perhaps consider just making the top story conform to the standards of the articles below?

  • Robert Pointer

    Congrats! Love this site. Been reading for years.

  • Gwydion

    New site renders much faster on my iPad… A rare thing nowadays 🙂 Good job.

  • zelda

    Well… this is how it looks on my screen :

  • Mike

    It looks great on the desktop but on the iPhone, with the content blocker OFF, the width of the top ad seems to have skewed the layout. Not a problem with the content blocker ON but the logo is missing on both.

    • Will

      Yep. ‘max-width: 100%;’ on that box should set it straight. img within that container can be set to the same and if you add ‘height: auto;’ to it, it should “just work”.

  • ed

    Great thanks for all your hard work!

  • glad you’re doing it! and I’ve decided 2 make comments and completed my profile 😀

  • Ben Mason

    Ace logo, dig the design. However, I’m finding the article font a bit hard on the eyes. For some reason, it shimmers a bit, and I can’t tell the periods from the commas. And there’s lots of commas! 😉

  • Armando

    I dig it Peter. Can’t believe that much time has blown by. You’re my number 1 visited blog ahead of

  • Will

    Looking great. Congrats on and thank you for the 11 years good Mr. Kirn!

  • chap

    i’m lost….

    • chap

      And the contact page is not working…(i’m trying to contact you, if it was not clear enough !)

  • Foosnark

    Change is scary! But this looks pretty good and I’m sure the kinks will get worked out over time. 🙂

  • Karl-König Königsson

    Cool. My go-to-site just got better. Excellent!

  • Michael M

    The new logo doesn’t appear for me, so it looks like the page doesn’t have a title at all. On Safari I get a box with a question mark where the logo should be and in Firefox I get the words “cdm createdigitalmusic”.

    Otherwise it looks great!

  • Gunboat_Diplo

    glad to see everything is back up and running. CDM is my go-to music blog with actual interesting stories about wide-ranging topics. All killer, no filler (i.e. no 10 Best Bass Solos, 15 Greatest Snare Drums, 10 Amazing Chords You NEED to Learn, etc.)

  • Nice, new, clean, lean design. Loving it!

  • Congrats on 11 years of success. Keep it on

  • Jurgen

    The new page looks great – so does the new page also define a new focus, I mean, CreateDigitalMotion has been retired for good now?

  • Robin Parmar

    I held off saying this in case it was teething pains but… the text looks horrible! The typefaces are different everywhere, breaking a fundamental design principle. There are three faces in the main menu bar alone. Besides this, the main body text in the articles renders in a pixelated fashion. Also, the yellow marker underline style for the links is very unappealing.

  • Oh, here is something weird: I just noticed that the new font is looking horrible on my Windows 7, 1280×1024 pixels 19″ screen with Firefox… Never had this issue with Safari on my MacBook, iPad or iPhone though.

    • WOK

      Still looking even more bad here. Hard to read.
      No solution?