This could be the NAMM of modular synths in the Eurorack format. The question is, with vendors big and small crowding into this niche market, what will stand apart?

Waldorf’s answer is to draw on the company’s history (hello, wavetables!), and in an announcement this week, to offer up a range of modules that fit into a keyboard. The upshot: an all-in-one solution.


At the heart of this lineup is the kb37 controller keyboard. It’s a keyboard with slots for modules, with a 37-note full-sized Fatar keybed (with velocity and aftertouch), plus an onboard CV input as well as MIDI, plus pitch and mod wheels.

Making a Eurorack with a keyboard is sacrilege to some – their argument being the point of modular is open-ended sound and getting away from the conventional synth form factor. But clearly it can be a practical design.


Now, theoretically, you can put in any Eurorack you like — 100HP worth. But Waldorf are hoping you’ll collect their three modules. The “Eurorack Pack” treats this suite as a single family.


mod1 modulator module handles envelopes, curves, and LFOs – all analog.


dvca2 dual VCA module covers your analog amplifiers. Uniquely, there’s a ‘colour’ knob for getting creative with tone, plus loads of options.


cmp1 compressor is an analog compressor with modulation and sidechaining.


While the new stuff is on the show this week, Waldorf says they expect to ship later this year, in the third quarter. In the meanwhile, their excellent nw1 wavetable module is available now at €345 (including tax), which brings back the spirit of the Microwave and Wave.


  • Robin Parmar

    I can see this appealing for portability. But that’s an odd module assortment to launch with. Don’t you need, er, oscillators? Shouldn’t they be promoting this with the nw1? And what about a filter? I would have built that before a compressor.

    • Polite Society

      yeah, i was thinking the compressor was a really weird choice as well.

  • James Husted

    I would love to see this with a Moog Mother 32 in it. You would still have 40HP for other modules too.

  • Polite Society

    I was kind of hoping they would have like a 4 voice VCO. Otherwise this will end up being a very, very expensive, if flexible monosynth.

  • heinrichz

    Big fan of Waldorf products since the days of the Micorowave and Pulse. Wondering how much this going to cost?

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