Want to go from four on the floor to, sort of four thousand all over the place? Yotaro Shuto is a Japanese electronic musician who performs in DUB-Russell, and he’s decided to turn his monster Max performance patch beat machine into a product. That’s meant taking it to Kickstarter.


Daisuke Tanabe may be doing a whole lot to sell this, thanks to a slick performance in the demo video. The Kickstarter model makes this awfully pricey – right now with early-bird stuff sold out, we’re talking about $100 or more just to get an app that’s only going to be in beta by May. By comparison, for $200 you could get a brand-new copy of Reaktor 6, which does a whole lot more than this (and is fully-, rather than partially-modular). And it’s Mac-only, though spending a bit more gets you Max objects and Max for Live devices, so you can work in that environment.

Whether you buy into the crowd funding project or not, though, this is an amazing exercise in maximalism. A Retina-display laptop is recommended just to see the screen, which shows, improbably, absolutely everything at once.

And it does a lot. There’s a sample slicer, grid sequencers, 12 one-shot samplers each with dedicated controls visible all at once (and their own bit crushers and ring mods and filters and so on), FM synths, a pitch transposer, send effects, and mixing, plus something called a “Higurashi Generator.”

Probably the most interesting bit of this is the effect patcher, which is the semi-modular bit. There, you can route nine effects together. I think if you paid for this thing, this would be the part that would convince you that this is something unique.


Some have already bought in, so we don’t need to convince you one way or another. What I will say is, the performance evidence is impressive – I am inspired by this as musical practice as well as software. Watch:

Hello, my name is CC. from BRDG on Vimeo.

And for more, see the Kickstarter project:


The whole thing is, frankly, amazing.

I could stare into that interface all day. And… sort of have trouble focusing afterwards.

I’ll be curious to see what people do with this.

  • deef

    One does not simply put just one stutter effect in a crazy japanese beatmachine!

  • Óskar Sigurðsson

    Looks like rocket scientists might have fun with this one 😀

  • Mafgar

    Mac only 🙁

  • Jim

    <3 Daisuke Tanabe

  • Yanakyl

    Wow! I want to play with it now!

  • kingof9x

    If he had plans to support windows I would gladly donate to the campaign. Oh well.

  • itchy

    love that its all in one view very sweet

  • qip

    there is something special about his apps…especially the fx

    any other hsu-002 users on here?

  • Booga 1

    Seems a bit unfair to only support Mac when asking for Kickstarter funding (but seems they have already reached the goal). Although DUB-Russell are amazing it is way to expensive.

  • Polite Society

    That’s pretty inspiring. I think I have a reaktor goal now…

  • Thomas

    Backed it.

  • Rob Cosh

    Demo video sounds quite similar to Limelite from the Electronic Instruments series for Reaktor. Cool!

  • chap

    I don’t understand why someone would want to use something obviously made for one guy. I’m pretty sure it forces you to sound like the guy. And i don’t get why he doesn’t release it for free. He already coded it, so why don’t just share so anyone can modify it ? This all sounds unfriendly.
    The whole thing seems impressive, for sure, but i frankly dislike the mercantile philosophy.

    • Hunger

      If you buy a starting module from Make Noise does this make you sound like everybody else who has one? If you buy a guitar does this make you sound like every other musician on the planet. That’s a next gen music instrument, what people can make of it is totally up to them just like it was up to the musician to express themselves with a flute.

      • chap

        i do get the concept of instrument (i play some myself !) but in this case, a judging only by the video, it seemed a bit narrow to me, especially in terms of effects. And i wouldn’t call it ‘ a next gen instrument’, it’s still step sequencers, one shot samplers and loopers, as far as i get it. I wonder when the ‘beat repeat paradigm’ will be over. I might be wrong !

        • 7C

          looking at the interface and listening to what it does just made my brain pop out a 100 and 1000s of ideas of how i could use this thing, without sounding like the guy. if you perform only with this, it might be “limited” – if you use this in parts as an instrument in your studio, i´m sure it will bring some magic. also even though you could achieve all this with max plug ins, modular whatever, i think the point is to break it down to one GUI and work without all the other possibilities, just conctentrate whats there and be creative. in my cxase – i´d go crazy on this thing whenever i´m not in the studio, and then bounce all the stems and sample it, chop it, use it wisely and moderate.

        • qip

          The guy performing in the video is not the developer. If you listen to DUB-Russell and Daisuke Tanabe and think they sound the same…I don’t know what to say.
          Their live sets and musical style are totally different.
          I also find it amusing that the video is critiqued for narrow scope of fx. If he had demonstrated everything somebody else would wonder if you can actually make music with this thing. I assure you: it can do more.

          • chap

            My absolute mistake !
            I’m glad i was wrong. Thanks for correcting this.

    • qip

      honest curiousity
      if this were an app for a touch tablet, or if he called it a DAW…would you be ok with paying for something like this?

  • lo_zero

    I wouldn’t write this off as one simple stutter effect and I don’t think you have to sound the same, I bet it’s quite tweak-able. It’s definitely inspiring, I like the ideas put together here, even if possible this will be hard to recreate in Reaktor, the CPU load will probably go over the mountain if you want to add all this in Reaktor.

  • newnumbertwo

    It reminds me of Yowstar’s Girl: http://girl.yowstar.com/app.gif

    • joerghoewner


  • Taylor

    Is this really maximalist? Consider that in a DAW, you may have many plugins with their own windows. If you were to show them all at once, it would require several screens.

  • Amost Pea

    OMG like make Electro

  • Bendish

    You should interview this guy too. https://vimeo.com/51684764

  • santhosh kannadasan

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