In a gift to synthesizer lovers everywhere, the comiticians of Adult Swim have produced an extended retro electronica opus imagining an alternate-universe battle of the bands between Wendy Carlos, Vangelis, and Giorgio Moroder.

Basically, all your Halloween costumes are sorted for you and your friends – and it’s only May.

This could have gone badly wrong (well, and the transgender jokes about Carlos seem unnecessary and in poor taste) – but the sketch saves itself with some clever wordplay, nice gear-spotting, and spot-on musical parodies of the three styles (even down to some Wendy Carlos tritones). It’s not quite Synthesizer Patel, but it will get us through Wednesday.

Things likely to become memes among CDM parts – use this as your vocabulary guide or, if you like, drinking game (no spoilers, don’t worry):

Fingoric dexterity
Polyharmonics Expert
Zorg Poly-proto-synclavitronulator
Dangerous low-end territory
Synth morse-coding

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find some obscure astronomical happenstance and be sure to stage your own synthtest among your electronitribe of MIDIographers. Send us footage – on VHS, natch.

  • Antonio Leon

    Hilarious and nicely done, but why o why is giorgio’s parody playing an Axiom 25?

  • Will

    You get many many points for writing out “Zorg Poly-proto-synclavitronulator”

  • I LOL’d I Cried I LOL’d again, need a tissue to wipe up the earblood.

  • Pierre Fontaine

    I would love to know who proposed this and how it got OK’d to go into production. Essentially , I would love to know who had the kind of geeky synth knowledge to pull this off. It’s really a superb parody and a great satire of the highest order.

  • friendlier

    “It’s not quite Synthesizer Patel, but it will get us through Wednesday.” Seriously? This is brilliant and hilarious. What exactly have you done this week, Peter Kirn, that this registers blip a blip on your screen?

  • My wife discovered this on Ben Edwards’ blog and I an even more deeply indebted to her for pointing this out to me! Sometimes you see such loving comedy that is completely geared towards your head and you wonder, “How is it possible that this comedy for ME has been produced? I’m an audience of one, here?” The attention to detail was superb. It reminded me of Firesign Theatre’s “Everything You Know Is Wrong” cross-bred with 70s synthesizer lore [pre-New Wave]. I laffed so hard, afterward, I had to play some Xangelex! Sure, sure. They neglected to make it a four-way battle with Vomita, but that would have been gilding the lily.