DJs, electronic musicians, and true fans know a side of clubland that is anything but glamorous. They know the brutal boredom of dressing rooms, the glaring reality of clubs with all the lights on. And DJs and staff are all too familiar with the wrecked landscape of clubs after the patrons have left.

Photographer Christin Mino writes to share a photo series that braves that landscape. It’s a lovely antithesis to the sameness of Photoshopped party photos. In Berlin’s “keine fotos” environment, it’s also the only kosher way to picture a lot of these clubs.

Of course, for party animals and DJs, this may evoke warm feelings more than any glossy club pics would. And that smell. Okay, you know you’re in love with music when that’s a pleasant memory.

Also, all of this reminds me: I really need to take my laptop into the shop for a proper cleaning. Poor baby. Probably both my MacBook and I need a spa retreat.




Photo series: “after dance”

I know who does definitely like this series.

Whether or not this is your cup of tea – erm, smashed beer bottle, I mean – it’s well worth watching Christin Mino’s beautiful, intimate series for the female-identified series Mint, featuring producers and DJs talking about their passion. I’ve mentioned this before, but here’s a couple to get you started:

Mint Faces

Hope these series continues to grow.

  • Call me a hater, but this is neither surprising nor innovative. I don’t wonder that nobody makes a living of such “art”.
    They had such series in the German Groove magazine already back in 2009 or so and I believe that this wouldn’t either have been the first issue of such an idea.

    • Jimbob Atzke

      Not calling you a hater 🙂 Maybe you just mistook it as something that claims to be unique art. Neither does the article claim it is, nor does the photographer on his website, as far as I can tell. And who says anybody tries to make a living with those photos?
      As a piece of documentary, made by someone who seemingly is a dedicated part of the Berlin scene, I actually quite enjoyed this photo series. Just wish he had made a few more photos. Thanks for the article, Peter!

  • Clubs work using the King With No Clothes model. At least from the commercial perspective. Selling an illusionary dream. A fake composition with glamorous heels and tassels. These photos, however new or otherwise, expose the bare shell of this ‘paradise for love!’ I think (the King With No Clothes) Berghain, and all of the Mafiosi clubs should be treated like the politicians they claim to rebel against. And be stripped bare before the people. Corruption and the injustices are prevalent there too. If these words are harsh, it is because they are born of years of observation across Europe.

  • Grey De La Drionne

    Let me yarn.

  • Random Chance

    I’d rather listen to music at home. It might not be as loud there but I actually prefer it that way. Less mold, too. Don’t get me wrong, though: These kinds of spaces (however rundown they might be) are useful for someone playing live. That’s certainly not as much fun at home without an audience.