Okay, obvious disclaimer. Please do not prank call Ableton tech support. They’re busy, hard-working people. But … this is hilarious (as is the fact that it’s labeled as a tech support call “from Berghain”). A custom-built Launchpad and Live hacked to run inside Linux? Going with the flow and working the audience when a glitching Live set randomly launches clips? At least this scenario sounds like a plausible one involving a regular CDM reader. Listen:

You can download this, too, so fiction can become reality when you drop this track in your next set. I’d love to hear this on the FUNKTION-ONE, if you’re listening, cough, Marcel and Ben. Think about it.

CDM needs a morning zoo broadcast. We could do this all the time. (Meanwhile, I marvel yet again at the brilliance of SoundCloud’s related tracks algorithm. Start listening and you’ll find some awesome things happening.)

Confirmed: we have a source that tells us this call was real, and that really is an Ableton employee on the other line, to which we say – and we can’t say this enough – please don’t ever do this! Uh… but we are still laughing.

  • kobamoto rin

    Peter I submit to your greatness, this was the best article ever!

  • DPrty

    Ah ha ha.

  • Mark Kunoff

    Hmmmm. Wondering if the phone tech was in on it. I mean, the audience noise is so obviously faked! Having a hard time believing the Ableton support agent really bought this. Very suspicious, but lots of fun!

  • thymo

    He knew it was faked as soon as he tried to say he was using Linux, and had an audience.

  • Gustavo Bravetti

    Amazing patience by the Ableton tech guy!

  • Even if Ableton were in on this and it was all scripted it still stands up as funny. So either way well done.

  • Paulinko

    It’s easy to say you knew it was fake but if you’re in tech support you’re also in the customer is always right business and not the tell the customer to stop bull *hitting them business.