In the latest chapter of “people on the Internet doing cool things for electronic music,” here’s a creation by Polarity. It lets you rapidly trigger effects parameters via MIDI. And if you’re a Bitwig Studio enthusiast, it’s available for free.

Clever stuff. YouTube has the download link and instructions.

Polarity, based in Berlin, describes himself thusly:

Hi i´m Polarity and do music at home in my small bedroom studio. I record regularly sessions and publish them here. I also broadcast live on twitch from time to time.

Hallo ich heiße Polarity und mache Musik hier in Berlin in meinem kleinen Schlafzimmer. Ich zeichne regelmässig Sessions auf und veröffentliche sie hier. Wer möchte kann das auch live auf Twitch verfolgen, wo ich öfters Live sende!

(Ah, I was wondering when I’d run into someone using Twitch – the live streaming service used largely by gamers – for music.)


It’s an interesting form of promotion – give musicians something they can use. And if that’s where music is headed, maybe that’s not a bad thing. It means the means of making music will spread along with musical ideas, which in the connected online village now worldwide seems a positive.

  • Guest

    ummm… I don’t know, I’ve been out of the DAW market for a while, but when did doing something with MIDI that MIDI was designed to do become a thing people paid extra money for?

    • EvanBogunia

      I think MIDI notes were designed to play notes, not control effects chains. I could be wrong there though.

      The implementation, ease of use , and creative potential is what’s interesting here. There are plenty of scripts/devices that do similar things in Live that you have to pay for. Giving away tools is a cool thing to do.

    • ceasless

      This is a multi FX patch that is built solely on Bitwig components. So it provides a nice template for expanding this in whatever way you can imagine, including with your own VST collection.

    • It’s free. It’s a convenience tool made for the purpose. And yes, MIDI was designed to do things like this, which it does, with MIDI, as MIDI was designed to do, for free.

      Where was the objection again?

      • Guest

        No objection, I will simply expect lots of headlines telling us about all the wonderful companies who provide us with ‘free’ air and sunsine in the future, also.

        You can clutter up your website with all the boring tripe and buzzfeed-worthy titles you want. No skin off my neck.

  • WetBoy

    Many of us having been doing this in Live, Bitwig and other hosts for years