They’ve been teasing it for ages. But now we have a clear view – literally – to what Behringer intend in their upcoming synthesizer. And with a brand known for dirt-cheap pricing, that could shape up the entire market.

Labeled only with “Behringer Synth” (though I assume that’s not its actual name – charmingly generic as it’d be), a YouTube video shows the likes of Richard Devine reacting to the synth. And apart from getting to hear it yourself, we learn that the instrument is analog.

Plus, apart from a lot of close-ups on faders (and labels like “VCA” and “analog), you also get a full view of the entire instrument. I’ve grabbed that frame, though it’s barely disguised:


This seems to be yet another two-oscillator monosynth. For their part, all Behringer have to say so far via their Facebook page is:

“It’s analog – not digital. It’s discrete – not modeling. And it sounds amazing! ”

They’ve also taken to calling it “she” for some reason, which doesn’t even make sense in German, but okay.

I have to say, in this one shot, it actually looks visually appealing. But all bets are off until we know more, of course. I’m open minded; I’ll accept a reasonable Behringer synth (weird as that sounds to say) if it’s any good.

  • Doug Gough

    I’m all for companies like Behringer pushing down the price of this stuff. Maybe they’ll raise the standards in the low-budget end of the spectrum. Who knows? I’m sure they’d like it if we stopped focusing on them as “low-budget” and started talking about them as innovative and high-quality. Maybe this synth will help them transform their reputation.

  • chaircrusher

    I don’t think there’s any direct audio in the video, it seems to be picked up with the same microphone as the celebrity ooh-and-ahh-ers.

    What I do hear sounds like I could get similar sounds from a Meeblip Anode — it has that harsh, dirty edge. I doubt the new Behringer synth is going to sell at the Meeblip price point.

    Whether it becomes a Thing (and not just a thing) will be down to sound, user interface and build quality. I hope that it’s able to some smoother ‘liquid’ sounds and isn’t limited to that kind of every-signal-stage-distorted wooly thing.

    • Brendan

      I agree, too much harshness + industrial sounding synths and not enough creaminess these days.

  • I’m optimistic that they’ll put out something good. While Behringer does often put out so-called “low-end” equipment, I’ve personally had nothing but good experiences with their products. I might not use their gear in a track requiring superior fidelity, but it’s nice to have their stuff on hand for a backup or when playing live with the anticipation that the equipment might possibly get roughed up.

    And let’s be honest, many of the “vintage” synths that people crave today were yesterday’s bargain equipment. No reason this couldn’t possibly end up in that category.

  • heinrichz

    I like it for the mod wheels already..i this thing is physically built better than the Korg Minilogue it will be a serious contender.

  • Frikandel_Kroket

    Obviously this type of instrument is a tricky market where the boutique stuff thrives. But if Behringer can offer a well engineered/designed and built product and just crush the price point (which is likely) it will be hard to resist. The sound will of course be the deal breaker – and if they’re wise, they’ll invest in some good patch programming for the debut.

    • foljs

      > where the boutique stuff thrives

      Hardly. Things like Korg MS20 and Arturia MiniBrute push tons more units that all boutique stuff combined.

      • Frikandel_Kroket

        Depends on your definition of thrives, boutique, and profit margins.

        • foljs

          Sure, but when you wrote “this type of instrument is a tricky market where the boutique stuff thrives”, it implied that selling mass market monosynths like this one is somehow hard, because people buy niche/boutique stuff instead — which is just not the case.

          • Frikandel_Kroket

            Oh no, semantics! 🙂
            What I was thinking of was Dave Smith instruments which some consider boutique and others don’t since his stuff is carried in big box chains. He sells a lot of synths but a fraction as many as Roland. But the pricing is comparatively very high on instruments like the Prophet 6 when compared with say… the JD-XA. If Behringer can offer an instrument like the Prophet 6 at JD-XA price point… or less! Haha. Well then, this is what Behringer does.

  • I’d say, if it is going to be a mono synth, that would be an opportunity missed. If anyone but Korg (minilogue!) could make an affordable, reasonably spec’ed poly synth – then who else than Behringer?

    And P.S. Am I the only one thinking that this fader laden panel shouts “Roland Juno” at us? 😉

  • Frikandel_Kroket

    Hmmm, and what if it were a mono instrument? Possibly the start of a line? In which case, room for a poly, a “bass station”, a “lead”. The possibilities.