Soemtimes it’s the little things. I’ve struggled for some time to find a simple metronome I can recommend. But a lot have a bunch of features I don’t really care about – and then lack some basic flexibility. So this is a welcome and unexpected arrival. It’s a free metronome app from Steinberg for iOS, and it’s really nice.

What sets it apart:

  • Big bpm range (20-500 bpm, configurable)
  • Simple interface – basically just what you need
  • Flexible time signatures – 1-16/2,4,8,16 (with a nice radial interface for feedback)
  • Steinberg Cubase click sound (if you’re into that sort of thing
  • Tight timing (both on tap tempo and performance overall) – the essential bit

In action:

Now, this comes from Steinberg, so it has interface aesthetics that might be described as “hipster Romulan chic.” And you are limited to the Cubase sound, which for some could be a deal breaker. But I happen to like the Cubase metronome, and didn’t want to fiddle with a bunch of meaningless sounds. The timing for me is really everything, so I’m sold.

Memo to Steinberg: add Ableton Link support, and this thing is perfect.


This story was doubly interesting to me when it crossed my desk, because it’s also part of a training program at Steinberg. One of the big challenges facing our whole industry is developing new talent in a fairly niche area, so it’s nice to see that happening. And the pilot program itself is an interesting model: they developed this entire product and brought it to market. That’s possibly an idea worth copying. So, to my friends in HR in this industry, I present – food for thought:

Young pioneers: First-accomplishment trainee project at Steinberg

(I imagine this could also be coupled with programs developing diversity.)

Got a favorite metronome app? I’ll admit, my own research here was more casual than exhaustive. Let us know – and let us know if this one wins you over, too.

  • phfweb

    The Cubase sound might suit Romulan Hipsters just fine, but it’s definitely a deal breaker for me, though. Shrill, yet harsh.

    I prefer the Pro Metronome for the iPhone. A choice of a few pretty functional sounds, more of the wood block variety; Adjustable from 10-500bpm,
    (though I honestly can’t imagine who needs 500.) You can set up polyrhythms, playlists, accented beats, favorites, various visual flashing cues, rehearsal mode that will repeat and increase the tempo slowly, most any meter you want with a variety of subdivisions; and a simple enough interface so you can pretty much ignore the features you don’t use. There’s probably more I haven’t tapped into at all yet either.
    And I believe it’s free or very cheap too.

  • Frikandel_Kroket

    I just uninstalled the Steinway branded metronome on my phone (no room on it for apps that do the same thing) because the GUI on this Steinway metronome is excellent. The tones, yeah… wish it had some choices there, I usually like a more woody timbre. But this will do for now.

  • Graham Spice

    PolyNome for iOS is the most full-featured metronome app I could have ever imagined. Includes a training section which is very cool. Definitely worth checking out…but it isn’t free. 🙂