The Zaquencer is a gift – an insanely powerful step sequencer that turns a used Behringer BCR2000 into a completely new piece of hardware. It’s a testament to the ingenuity of the underground music tech community – and a glimpse of how gear can come back to life rather than get thrown away. And now, it’s more powerful than ever.

The 1.5 release out today is all about things Zaquencer users asked for, so … if you are one, you probably are already on top of the firmware upgrade. But here’s what that is:

– remote controllability through Midi CCs
– monitoring function for tapwrite mode
– load patterns without affecting the mixer
– preview parameters without change

— for a start, anyway. That of course makes things far more playable. It’s easiest to see in video.

But this is also an excuse for us to talk about Zaquencer again. And to get you up to speed, here’s the original demo video (still applicable):

Congrats to dev Christian Stöcklmeier.

  • Gustavo Bravetti

    Awesome work! Congrats!

  • Armando

    Wow, talk about new life for old hardware. I can get behind this concept!

  • itchy

    these things get me happy . using older stuff that is very practical and actually inspirational to use in new ways. we these ideas we can update various hardware with software and never have to make new stuff for a long while and would help the environment as well . awesome ideas.

  • James Husted

    I really wish they would do this for the Mackie C4 controller too. Mine is gathering dust nowadays.

  • Kim Åke

    Ooo, I didn´t know about this, seems really interesting!

  • Jason

    How does something like this compare to the beatstep pro?