We’ve seen a minor renaissance in mobile music gear – KORG’s volca series, Teenage Engineering’s tiny Pocket Operators, the Gakken synths, Roland’s boutique series, and more. (We’re a believer in this – that’s why CDM co-produces the MeeBlip synth.) But while these small instruments are great, they wind up getting tossed into a bag. That risks damaging them, and there’s a lot of business of packing and unpacking them when you play.

We wanted a solution, so we made our own. It’s called BlipCase.

BlipCase grows out of the same collaboration behind the MeeBlip synth, but it’s not just for MeeBlip owners. It’s for anyone with mobile gear, specially designed to fit a wide range of little synths and compact mixers. It’s a storage solution, it’s a travel solution, and it’s a performance/studio jamming solution in one.


A system of interchangeable dividers keeps all your gear snug, and allows for lots of different combinations of power adapters, mixers, and whichever synths happen to be your favorite. And most importantly, once you’ve got your gear in the case, you don’t have to take it out – you can play your instruments right in the case, whether that’s in a studio or home or onstage. Guitarists have long done this with pedalboards, and some intrepid synth lovers did something quite like what we’ve done with BlipCase. But there wasn’t a ready-to-play solution for popular gear in a rugged case – until now.

Not everything will fit here – we wanted to keep this small, to make traveling everywhere with this case in hand a no-brainer. But we’ve worked hard to make sure the dimensions provide the maximum number of combinations of some of your favorite small instruments.

Once you open it, the detachable cover can give you more play space for still more gear, creating an additional work surface.

Have a look at its features in this video – which features a track by MeeBlip SE user SEQUENCER. (Keep sending us your tracks!)

Then learn more here – and buy one now (we’re in stock shipping today):


For those of you still eagerly awaiting the next big thing in MeeBlip synths, we’ll have more to talk about really soon. We’re not doing something like Kickstarter or giving you an endless set of teasers — we’ll tease just a little bit (you, uh, might want to watch the BlipCase video) and then tell you about what we’re doing with MeeBlip on the day it’s ready to ship.

BlipCase is shipping right now, today, to just about anywhere you are.

And we worked to keep it affordable without sacrificing quality.

US$79 plus appropriate shipping.







0000-blipcase logo on case

Get yours: http://meeblip.com

  • CRAZY!! Just yesterday I was thinking about getting something similar built for me. NAILED IT! <3

  • Same here. I’m going small, DIY/Open Source/Boutique (not Roland), for a new setup/side project, and I’ve been thinking about a case like the BlipCase for a while. BlipCase it’s great and has all the quality I want, but I wonder if it can actually fits the gear.

    Someone should create a page ala modular grid, just to test configurations.

    • Would love to see that side project, too!

      We’ll post some better interior images, etc. I’m … not a super advanced Web coder, but I’ll ask around if someone could do that!

      • Hi Peter,

        I’m looking forward to it (side project) myself ๐Ÿ™‚ At the moment I’ve only decided the gear I’m going to use. It’ll be more “musical” than my main project and absolutely only for fun.

        I also look forward to seeing that page up and running. Thank you for taking that into account!


  • Sean

    are dimensions listed internal or external? this looks like it would almost work as a 6u euro skiff case…

    • You’re not the first person to say that. We’re posting more detailed interior dimensions shortly.

      I’m interested to investigate the Euro application, too. It’s something we’re investigating. So if you have thoughts on what you’d want that to look like, we’re all ears.

      • Sean

        just saw the updated internal specs. so close, but i think it’s just a bit too tight. could benefit from another inch of height so one could keep it patched with the lid on. oh well!

  • Clif Marsiglio

    This is pretty much identical to the one I got from Harbor Freight for the same purpose! Then again, I do like the fact that the lid comes off…does that affect the stability of it at all?

    • No, not at all… with the hinge attached it works just like any other case. (if you mean hinge stability?)

      • Clif Marsiglio

        Yeah, I mean things on stage get banged around EASILY especially if you have to gig anywhere where union takes the stage. I’ve seen my personal K2600 thrown a few feet as a result…anvil case or not, it did not like it! (And that was when I realized INTERNAL HDs ARE A BAD THING!!!)

        I realize this isn’t an anvil case type construction, but I was wondering how well it held up to abuse. The last thing I’d want is my gear popping out!

        That said, it is a nice case! I wish my DIY / Off-the-shelf was a little thinner now that I see the dimensions. I might have to consider this for some of my other gear…I wonder how well this would take to having a mic stand flange added to it…

        • Well, that’s why it’s significant that we did do a case with these dimensions… you’re able to get stuff in there really snugly with these particular combinations of gear, and the removable lid / dividers and lining make sure you can use stuff live. So I know there are other solutions out there, but less certain on the sizes / flexibility of all of them.

          I don’t think it’s possible to make one case for every solution; hopefully this fits a particular set of uses, and for everything else there are definitely other options. So as we are new to this area, glad to have the feedback.

  • Meeblip triode !!

  • Polite Society

    Yes!!! If this sells well, please make a double length version.

    • Sure – what are you imagine putting in it?

      • Not OP, but I’d love to have room for my Reface DX. It’s shallow but long because of the 37 keys.

      • Polite Society

        I’d like to be able to fit a couple of desktop synths side by side. at the moment elektrons and or virus ti. i’m guessing from the pictures it’d probably be big enough for one.

        Something that i could take the lid off of and put on a keyboard stand, and be more or less set up.

  • chap

    437mm x 275mm x 80mm. Is this the inside or the outside ?
    My Monome 256 is 273mm x 273mm…

    • We’re posting more detailed dimensions. I think a monome 256 won’t fit.

  • Lindon Parker

    good price!!

  • Joseph Nickel

    This may also be perfect for a pedalboard since the top detaches. I may be ordering 2 of these bad boys!

  • Robin Parmar

    This is a great idea! Much luck with this new venture.

    I would like to see images with cables attached, since it looks like a bit of a problem to get everything actually hooked up in there. Or I guess the idea is to always use the foam wedges?

  • Spacejacker Zero

    This got me excited until I figured in the postage to the UK (+$40) then the import duty (+20%) and the UK post handling fee (+$12), which pushed it into not sensible territory. Given that one day I’d like a meeblip or two as well (further cranking up the import fees), this is a bit disappointing. Not a complaint though, more of a polite request that you look into a european distributor if that’s something you have the time/inclination to do. Maybe Berlin based? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Yeah, I’m working on that. And that’s right, unfortunately it’s really expensive to get merchandise this large from America to Europe. We’re seeing some healthy US sales so that will give us some leg up to make this happen here in the EU.

      • Morten Wagner

        Sounds good. Make sure to notify us, when it’s available in the EU. I’d be getting a couple ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Spacejacker Zero

        Thanks Peter, that’s great news!

  • Mike Perkowitz

    I’d like to put a Launchpad (which I think is taller than any of the other things you show), a small raspberry Pi and USB MIDI interface, and whatever else will fit in one. I’m curious to see the interior dimensions and dividers sizes so I can figure it out

  • Gunboat_Diplo

    Big enough for a Octatrack! And better priced than their vacuum-formed plastic cover and shoulder bag.

    Edit: or maybe not, if those are external dimensions.

  • Sam Smiles-Oftn

    im curious…. do you think this could comfortably hold a pair of Strymon peddles (the Timeline & Mobius, for example)?

    the dimensions of the case are 80mm, in terms of height/depth and the Strymon peddles are about 70mm in the same dimension…. would there be a bit too much pressure applied to them from the foam inside the Blipcase?

    • Sam Smiles-Oftn

      hmmmm, looking at the Meeblip and Volcas’ dimensionsion, they 30mm and 40mm high respectively….

      so would devices around 60 and 70mm be too tall?

  • dismantl

    How about a simple / universal guitar or bass case?
    Starts round about at 60Euro and 4kg …

  • James

    I haven’t gone compact per se, but with the few items I have, I could justify a case like this serving double duty for my lavalier kit

  • Will

    Wonderful idea. Beautiful work. Great price.

    Two things I reckon the article could use; 1) the actual tech specs from the meeblip site* and 2) a quick answer to this question: “Can it fit four Volcas?” If so, were I in the business of selling these, I’d include an image of that setup for sure! With a little 1×4 MIDI thrubox…? Yep.

    This is definitely on my very short list. Would be very interested in the ability to order a pair of extra wedges at the same time. Is something like that planned? Considering the cost of shipping, ordering the case with some extra foam all at once seems like a plan.

    * tech specs, short version: 415mm x 255mm x 70mm / 16.4″ x 10″ x 2.75″ (internal) | 15 removable dividers | 2 foam wedge performance blocks