It’s that time of year again – time for a new update to Komplete, the suite of software from Native Instruments. But Komplete 11 is a bit special, in that powerful Reaktor-powered additions meet some especially nice tools for producers.

The biggest addition is a new instrument called Form, an all-new synthesizer based on granular synthesis. That’s catnip for the CDM crowd, so we’ll look at it in detail separately.

Something wicked this way comes: the new Form synthesizer.

Something wicked this way comes: the new Form synthesizer.

Everything else you’ve seen before if you’ve been watching NI software, but this year’s graduating Komplete class is an especially nice one, once you put it together. What’s new:


All the basics, delivered on a USB drive
25 GB of sounds
Replika delay, a lovely-sounding delay with lots of options (though see Ultimate for the XT version)
Solid Bus Compressor, a nice essential, transparent compressor
Monark, the exceptional Minimoog-inspired synth with a truly terrific filter model


7 new products, delivered on a hard drive
All of the above, plus –
Form, the new granular instrument
Una Corda, the unique model of the delicate piano built for Nils Frahm
Reaktor 6 with Reaktor Blocks, which give you Eurorack-style modular instruments pretty much anyone can use, even without much past synth experience (or let you customize your own stuff if you want to go deeper)
Upgrade for $399 from Maschine 2, Kontakt, Komplete Series, Komplete Kontrol S-Series
Upgrade for $199 from Komplete 2-10


13 new products, delivered on a hard drive
All of the above, plus –
Symphony Essentials, a set of brass, wind, and string instruments that make this a must-have for anyone doing scoring
Flesh, Tim Exile’s amazing (and under-hyped, I think) looping instrument
Replika XT which lately has been my favorite go-to delay (like, I need to force myself to stop using it everywhere – that kind of problem)
Upgrade for $999 from Maschine 2, Kontakt, Komplete Series, Komplete Kontrol S-Series
Upgrade for $599 from Komplete 8-10 (or from the standard edition of Komplete 11 to Ultimate)


Stay tuned for our world-exclusive hands-on with Form.

  • Klemen Kotar

    Honestly, Komplete 10 Ultimate upgrade (from K9U) was a bigger deal than this. Form, Flesh, Una Corda, India, Strummed Guitar, Reaktor 6, Replica XT and (really thinned out) Orchestral Essentials for 399 eur is not a great deal for me, might be a good deal for some, though.

    • Yeah, of course, it’s really dependent on your needs. I can have a look at how useful the thinned-out Orchestral Essentials is, too.

      I suppose the flipside is, too, the sort of people who are into Reaktor 6 might *just* want Reaktor 6 and not the other stuff.

      • Klemen Kotar

        Orchestral stuff is about 1/9th the size of their bigger versions, with no true legato on practically all of them. That might do the work but only just. I guess there’ll be an even better upgrade path to the bigger versions than there is now. I’m thinking of either just upgrading to Reaktor 6 or maybe waiting for the christmas sales on upgrades (not likely).

        Honestly, I can only complain about the lesser bang for buck on upgrade because Komplete 10 Ultimate already has so much in-there 🙂

        • That’s a fair point, for sure. I mean… I’d say this — it’s a reasonable upgrade in the Komplete cycle. And as with any Komplete upgrade, it’s worth considering whether you actually need it. 😉

          • Klemen Kotar

            I can (and probably will) go for K11 for 199 eur. With Reaktor 6, Una Corda, Form, India and Strummed Guitarist it is a good deal (with K10U already installed).

    • Robin Parmar

      Um, I’ve spent more than that just on Reaktor and figure it’s a steal. So…

    • Foosnark

      From my POV, the upgrade from (non-ultimate) K10 to (non-ultimate) K11 for $199 looks kind of decent, though not super exciting.

      To me, the big things are Reaktor 6 and Form, which would cost me $198 alone. Upgrading from K10 to K11 instead would get me the $25 voucher and a chance to resell my separate Kinetic Metal license.

      But I think I want to see/hear more Form demos before I decide that.

      • Klemen Kotar

        I’ll probably do just that – K10U to K11 (standard).

      • Klemen Kotar

        I’ll probably do just that – K10U to K11 (standard).

  • Been waiting for this for awhile, I’m still on Komplete 6.

    Do folks usually run the samples straight from the NI hard drive and find it too be quick enough? Or is it just used for delivery/installation?

    Also, FYI, it looks like on the NI website the $599 upgrade to Komplete Ultimate is actually for owners of Komplete 8-11, not 2-10.

    • Unless they’ve changed something, the hard disk it ships on is for installation only — you can’t install samples on it. So you’ll still need to buy your own hard disk, though I’ve found those pretty affordable these days…

      And you’re totally right, I made a mistake there. Correction for Ultimate only —

      “Upgrade for $599 from Komplete 8-10 (or from the standard edition of Komplete 11 to Ultimate)”

      I’m unclear on what happens if you want to upgrade pre-8 to Ultimate; I’ll inquire.

  • chaircrusher

    Not to steal business from NI, but it’s almost always better to wait until they start flogging the current version of Komplete at a significant discount — usually a few months before the next version drops. Particularly if you shelled out for individual instruments now rolled up in the new version.

    I also would totally go for a division between the Komplete Synths and the Komplete Sample sets. The NI Kontakt instruments sound great, no doubt, but I’ve got all these giant sample sets I never use. Conversely, someone who does soundtrack work would probably use all the sampled instruments and never use Absynth.

    • Sure, of course. Well – if you really want to save money, get Reaktor, because … it could be the last instrument you ever need, seriously. 🙂

      • Andre

        That’s exactly my opinion. I used to buy few different VSTs until I got Reaktor and for me I don’t feel the need to buy anything else… I still buy hardware tho, but that’s a different subject 🙂

      • chaircrusher

        What I didn’t make clear is that I was writing from the standpoint of someone who has given NI thousands already, starting with Reaktor 2.3. I have Komplete 10, Maschine, various Maschine Soundpacks, etc etc. At this point I’m just out to get the good stuff while giving them the absolute minimum incremental cost.

        • Yermom

          Yep. Reaktor 2 was my gateway drug into all things synth.

  • Ah Form sounds fab, thanks! neat video demo from RD here:

    As I recently bought 10 Ultimate during the recent sale, going for plain 11 at $200 plus ReplikaXT for an extra $50 seems like the best deal for me, assuming Ultimate owners CAN upgrade to regular 11; not much reason to shell out the full $400 just to get XT, which seems the only difference if you’ve got all the Ultimate extras already in 10…no? But what’s with Kinetic Metal as an 11 feature; something with that name already came with 10, so is this some sort of improved version?

    • …ah, well, the site is pretty clear: getting plain 11’s NOT an option for Ultimate owners:( A great deal, nonetheless—the symphonic essentials are the other attraction.

  • Freeks

    Too expensive update for us who bought Reaktor 6 update for 99€. Now they ask as to pay the same 199€ as everybody else.

    They will do that again with Kontakt 6. It will be released within 10 months and they will charge 99€ that will NOT reduce the K12 upgrade price. And of course it will not be included in Komplete as that would actually make it Complete 😉

    Another K update skip…