Our MeeBlip synth is back. It’s still a tiny box you can add to a synth setup. It’s still just US$139.95. But now, it packs some improved features – and bigger-than-ever bass.

The most important thing I can tell you about this is, when you flip the “sub” switch on and enable its new third oscillator, its bass sound is simply enormous.

And that makes me really glad to share it with you, the latest fruits of CDM’s collaboration with engineer James Grahame — the brains behind MeeBlip.

James has selected some sounds I made with it. A few seconds into that first sound, I power up that sub oscillator. You’ll need something other than laptop speakers to hear.

We sold out of the Triode’s award-winning predecessor, the MeeBlip anode. So it’s been impossible to get a MeeBlip for a few months unless you were buying second-hand.

But if you missed out, you’ve got a second chance with Triode. And there are some improvements – apart from just the red color.

NEW sub oscillator
NEW red color
NEW 8 additional custom wavetables, for 24 in total
Tuned envelopes for more response
Front-panel glide
MIDI control of analog filter resonance

All of this digital grunge is combined with the same Twin-T analog filter from the anode. It’s a vintage filter design intended for things like guitar pedals, which adds aggressive resonance to your synth sound.

And you can now add Triode alongside other stuff you might find useful as a mobile musician – like our new BlipCase (which is designed to fit instruments like the Korg volca series), and an excellent driver-free USB MIDI interface.

When we started developing the MeeBlip project, there really weren’t compact MIDI synths you could get for this price. But every time I switch the MeeBlip on in my studio, I’m reminded of why I believe in this project. Apart from the fact that the MeeBlip remains open source hardware – every circuit, every line of code – it’s still an instrument with a personality all its own. There’s nothing dirty in quite the same way. And when you need a box to add something grimy and heavy on top of all the other wonderful toys we’ve got, it’s there for you.

In stock.

Shipping now, worldwide, direct from us – hand-tested by the engineer at his studio in Calgary, Canada.







  • oliver

    That lovely sounding filter is a bridged T, not a twin.

    • Kevin Kennedy

      Oliver: THANK YOU FOR CREATING NANOLOOP. If not for you, I’d not have made one of my most ‘famous’ tunes, called ‘nanomal.’ You, along with Peter and James, are one of my heroes.

  • Will

    Congrats Peter and James. Sounds great and is indeed quite handsome in red.

  • Newgreyarea

    So. . .where can I hear the wavetables? Is the sub available when in wavetable mode?

  • Doug

    Love those Canadian colors. Or is that a nod to the Calgary Flames? Either way it’s pretty much my civic duty as a Canadian to buy one. Sorry.

  • SevenEyeballs

    Ooh pretty!

    … I have a blip SE though 🤔

  • Ruud de Graaff

    Great looks, sounds beautiful. Congratulations!

  • Is a document or diagram available explaining the differences between the Meeblip modules that have now been released ? ( original, SE , micro, anode (toggle switches) , anode SE (white) , anode SE (black non toggle switches) and triode ) ?

    • James Grahame

      The MeeBlip was the first all-digital MeeBlip, followed by the all-digital SE with dual envelopes.

      anode was released in a single hardware version, we added wavetables in firmware in later editions and updated the front panel with a wavetable select knob.

      triode extends the anode hardware by adding a sub-oscillator, MIDI control of resonance and extra wavetables.

      • So the triode has new wavetables not previously found in the anode ? Awesome! i look forward to running it next to the anode in my live rig.

  • James

    Stocking filler! Nice.

  • Any plans to add an audio in as well as a trigger for the envelope? I’d love to use that filter with other sources !

  • Ondes | Synths & DIY

    Can be converted the Anode into a Triode? Is there hardware differences that make the update impossible by just flashing the Firmware? Kind of making a “Diode”…

  • hellojeffreyjames

    I just gone one. it. sounds. MASSIVE. I’m going to sell my mininova now for sure.