A public service announcement: if you use Native Instruments software, you should probably check out Native Access if you haven’t already. There’s a good chance it could make your life easier, and keep you up to date with software like the Maschine update that dropped last week.

Here’s the deal: NI software has in the past been scattered across a set of manual support downloads and two tools, one called Service Center and one called Komplete Downloader. And odds are pretty good you’ve head a headache with one of those tools at one time or another.

A new piece of software called Native Access is gradually replacing that. Right now, it covers the current Komplete and Maschine lines, which includes instruments, effects, expansions – basically everything except for Traktor. (Traktor is coming soon, too.)

You can do several things with Native Access if you own those products:

  • Manage bundles (like Kontakt), where one serial gives you a bunch of downloads
  • Find and install updates
  • Find and install sound content
  • Add and manage serial numbers
  • Download and re-download products you already own
Finding all the bundled stuff you own is now here in installed/not installed software - replacing the previous installer tool.

Finding all the bundled stuff you own is now here in installed/not installed software – replacing the previous installer tool.

Now, the reason I’m bothering to write a post about this is that it can save you headaches versus sticking with Service Center. You may even discover you’re behind on some updates, or that you have sound content ready for you you didn’t even know you owned. (Me, both those things were true.)

Also, apart from the interface looking a lot nicer (especially on high-res displays), it’s easier than before to install everything.

Having talked to various other producers using NI software, I’ve found a lot of us have gotten up to date with the tool and found it useful.

That’s not to say it’s perfect – or, frankly, finished. You can’t see information on what an update includes, bizarrely, in the current stable build I’m using. So you see a version number, but you don’t know what’s improved. You can’t pause or resume downloads. Indeed, the program won’t even let you quit if a download is underway. (Force quit and you’re fine.)

And the other function - getting up to date. Now if the darned thing would just show you information on updates or let you pause and resume - keep an eye on Native Access updating itself, too.

And the other function – getting up to date. Now if the darned thing would just show you information on updates or let you pause and resume – keep an eye on Native Access updating itself, too.

Maschine’s new

Okay, that out of the way, let’s talk about one of those updates – Maschine 2.5.

This is the software update that is built for the new Maschine Jam hardware, so a lot of it is to do with supporting new features in Jam.

But even if you don’t own Jam, you get a number of improvements.

All the new Perform FX from Jam are available to Maschine owners, irrespective of software. So, in review:

  • Filter (LP/BP/HP analog modeled)
  • Flanger
  • Burst Echo
  • Resonant Echo
  • Ring (a bank of ring modulators)
  • Strutter (beat mangler/stutter effect)
  • Tremolo/Vibrato
  • Scratcher (Turntable – but not just a brake, also a pitchshifter delay)

Also related to the Native Access software, you can sync up an updated version of the Maschine Factory Library.

There are some bug fixes and related improvements, as well.

But obviously, those effects alone give you plenty to play with.

Find Native Access

NI presents you with a choice of downloads based on whether you’re using the latest Komplete stuff (which works with Native Access) or everything else, like so:



That’s still your location for everything, but Kontakt and Maschine owners will want Native Access to be their starting point.

  • This is so much better. Especially when you literally own and use every single NI product all the time, like I do. Been using it since it came out. And, like you, discovered I owned their Rickenbacker bass library and had no idea! Once they get that update info in there, it’ll be perfect.

  • Michael

    it’s about time. service center… just the worst thing. Peter do you know if there is a way to have your NI library (samples) stored across different hard drives. For instance i only want The Giant and a couple other things on my laptop, but i would like the rest of the huge library on an external SSD drive.

    • chaircrusher

      You can do that, and you can move your library IIRC, I think they have service articles about how to go about it.

      • rattyuk

        Actually the bigger issue occurs when you have a full boot drive and try to download something large like Emotive Strings. It still doesn’t appear to let you choose where to download the installer and manually install.

        Well it kind of does if you change the settings but it still asks for an inordinately large amount of boot disk space.

  • heinrichz

    Yup, definitely Native Access is a much improved experience..I’ve been using it for a while now and t’s certainly way quicker than updating with Service Center.

  • undgnd-tv

    This is great news! The previous Service Center was a nightmare.

    Does Native Access make it any easier or quicker to install everything from scratch too?
    Remember the nightmare of having to talk a friend through the installation process and Service Center etc over the phone.

    • chaircrusher

      I hadn’t put my NI shizz on my laptop and wanted Reaktor. I put Native Access on, and just installed the stuff I cared about, without any prior installation.

      Used to be you had to have a full install (way back, from CDROM or DVD!!!) before you could download updates.

      If they’d just bring Traktor into Access. Having to keep Service Center loaded just for that is sehr sehr dumm!

    • Freeks

      It was a breeze to do fresh Komplete installation. It just works! Just log in and it shows everything you own and you can choose what to install.

      • undgnd-tv

        I know what I’m doing this weekend then 😉

  • chaircrusher

    Now if only they let you drag & drop user content into the Reaktor & Kontakt library….

  • Can’t say I am a fan of service center but will this work for someone like me using Maschine but otherwise with an older Komplete version (6)? I had a hell of a time reinstalling Komplete since the installer for 6 isn’t compatible with El Capitan — even though up until the latest update pretty much all the programs were current (Absynth 5, Massive, FM8 still are). I had to look inside the installer and manually install everything and then I somehow got the Komplete 6 serial number in there even though I couldn’t run the Komplete installer … a happy accident while trying all sorts of workarounds. I’m a bit apprehensive about messing with it all since it’s working.

    $299 for an upgrade to get some stuff I probably won’t use is a pain, but otherwise between the website, Komplete downloaders, Machine installers and Service center, and the Reaktor instrument location tool apps and multiple install locations for instruments, apps, preferences and libraries there could definitely be some improvements made: it’s a lot to keep track of.

  • Freeks

    This s what i call OLD!! XD

    Native Access have been out for good while and it’s great! I got new iMac some weeks a go and NA came out on same day. It was breeze to install Komplete with it.

    But not so fast! You still need to instal service center to authorize Maschine library and to download it you need link from NI as it’s not in NA. I needed NI help to sort those out.

  • Klangkollektor

    Believe it or not, but the new Native Access is quite buggy. When i downloaded the new Komplete stuff (many gb´s) i had several times that the Access was freezing. There is no function of stopping and starting the download again. So the only possibility was to shut down the computer and start again hoping that Access finds the connection again the previously loaded data…
    After nearly a week of constantly loading and shutting down/starting again it is down.