There’s a beautiful quote attributed to Bob Moog on the Moog site today:

“What you do with our instruments helps us to be more human too, and I want to thank you all for that.”

Sometimes I actually find this very sentiment is hard to express in words.

You get into a lot of abstractions. I hear people trying to explain it. Is it being a musician, or is it teaching music? Is it about the musician, or is it about the machine? Is it the music, or is the theory or the technology?

But this line, spoken by a machine creator, explains why we can devote ourselves to all those things at once, without conflict. We push the limits of technology not because we believe in machines, but because we want to push the limits of being human. And if we’re optimistic even on dark days about the future, it’s because we believe we haven’t yet reached the limit of how human we can be.

My own belief in that doesn’t come from me, but from the people I get to meet – in person and by using the instruments they create. It’s because of all of you. For that I’m endlessly thankful, every day.


  • Very nice and very true! Thank you, Peter! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Very nice and very true! Thank you, Peter! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Armando Cajide

    Damn. Bookmarked this.

  • Chris Stack

    Great quote

  • Great quote!

    I’m thankful for CDM, and I’m sure I speak for many others.

    This site continues to be a source of knowledge and inspiration. I appreciate all of your hard work!

  • It is indeed beautiful. Using and interacting with an instrument is very deep and fun. It’s not only the music you can express through it. It’s also the fun to be able to play, using your fingers, a bit like dancing. And it’s about getting that sound and being part of producing that sound. Creating something in a way that’s such fun. It’s the play part of playing an instrument.

  • Will

    Beautiful quote, beautiful take on it. Thanks for doing what you do, Ed Peter.