Little. Red. Different. Better.

We got into the synthesizer business because we weren’t satisfied with just writing about synths. We wanted to spread a little synth love into the world, too. And wow, have our MeeBlip users responded – flooding the Internets with videos of the new synth. It’s great to see how they’re responding to the instrument – designer James Grahame and I have our own view of it, but now we get to see the user perspective.

Maybe that bright red color helped.

And yes, the key here is, behind this small number of knobs are a large number of sounds.

We’ve rounded up our favorite videos here.

Late last month, we already enjoyed Olivier’s unboxing video and jam. Now he’s back in a video that acts as both demo and tutorial, going through the different sounds possible with the triode.

G.A.S. Therapy has an extensive hands-on and review, walking through even what we stick in the box.

And for still moresounds, spelljammed also made some great videos.

Most importantly, the anode can open up a lot of sonic possibilities via its wavetables. Those edgy wave sounds we packed in can really go different directions in combination with the rest of the architecture. Here, spelljammed walks through them:

And another video from the same user:

Get yours now:

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  • chaircrusher

    This sounds sweet. I need one to go alongside the Anode & SE. And it would rule if you brought back a board only mini Mee-blip!

    EDIT: That last video from Spelljammed would be a great track to drop in a minimal set!

  • DrüMünkey

    I’d like to share my own little experimental jam I recorded while I was seeing what the lil red box could do:

  • Will

    That wavetable video is the kind of thing that can get a person off the fence.

  • keynell

    what’s the difference between Anode & Triode?

    • Jaybeeg

      triode adds an analog mixed square wave sub-oscillator and has full MIDI control of all parameters, including filter resonance (which was an analog knob on anode). triode also supports 8 MIDI channels and has different VCF -> DCA behaviour (different envelopes, filter curves)

      But it basically boils down to “significantly more bass.”