These days, there are models of the Moog ladder filter everywhere (hardware and software), but it wasn’t always so. 13 years ago, Bob Moog himself partnered with developer Arturia to model his creations in software form. Now, that developer is giving away the latest iteration of their software filtering tech in a powerful plug-in – and it’s free for a couple of days.

The MiniFilter V is more than just a drop-in ladder filter. It’s a bit like having a set of Moogerfoogers in your computer, all patched together. So there’s the all-important ladder filter itself, with 24dB/oct curve and (my favorite feature) Drive. But there’s also a dedicated LFO with waveform and mod controls. And there’s a powerful envelope follower.

And the central feature that’s a good reason to go download this is, of course, the step sequencer. With eight steps and analog-style controls, you can route it to cutoff, LFO rate, and emphasis. You can also sync it to your host, too (or not, as you like).


Of course, looking at this screen, it’s hard not to ponder hardware. Oddly enough, Arturia aren’t giving you a model of the Steiner-Parker filter that’s been the hallmark of their Brute line. Alternatively, looking the other direction, it’s not hard to imagine a FilterBrute or other standalone effects unit. We’ll see; 2016 was a busy year for the company with MatrixBrute synth and DrumBrute drum machines leading the way.

Have at it. And merry Chrismukkah … or, erm … happy Synthmas to all.

  • A really nice and useful giveaway to end the year!

  • partofthepuzzle

    Thank for the tip, Peter. And a great opportunity to thank you for another year of great content on CDM!

  • heinrichz

    Happy Synthmas to you Peter!

  • baju-baju

    Hate to ruin anyone’s silly season, but Arturia’s Moog attempts sound brilliant, but the GUIs are the worst ever in the history of inhabited universe.

  • Rob

    Is there a coupon code to get it for free? Looks like it’s $49 right now. Did I miss it?