And hello, spring semester. Here’s an exhaustive (and fascinating) lecture on the history of sound art – by a philosopher.

Philosopher Christoph Cox traces the history of sound art from the invention of audio recording in the late 19th century to the genre-bending compositions of John Cage to the explosion of sound installation in the 1960s. Cox surveys a range of sonic practices, revealing how they resemble and resist approaches in the visual arts.

The film comes to us from the Barnes Foundation, the superb arts institution in Philadelphia.

  • Markus Girrulat

    reminds me of my musical studies… piere schaeffer… the godfather of what we nerds call the ADSR 🙂 great one

    • kuehnl

      I believe that was Ussachevsky’s idea, no?

  • vltr

    Interesting talk/overview. Warning (esp. on headphones): speech levels are too low but the sound snippets he frequently plays are too loud.