There are some questions about just how Maschine 2.6 works with MIDI gear after our story yesterday. Well, the fine folks at ADSR tutorials have gone and made a really clear, step-by-step walkthrough – and they even chose our very own fire engine-red MeeBlip triode to use as a demo. (That’s an easy choice, as the parameter assignments are pretty straightforward.)

Have a look:

Integrating MIDI brings a number of benefits:
1. Control gear right from your Maschine hardware, if you choose.
2. Easily record and playback automation and performance states.
3. Add randomization, draw in automation, and more.
4. Use Locks and morphing to create transitions between parameters programmatically.

And do all four of those things alongside Maschine patterns, which could be useful musically / compositionally. It’s good stuff.

Let us know how you use it! And if you make more hardware profiles, do share those, too.

More videos from ADSR cover this 2.6 release:

  • lala

    Morph is strange here.
    Usually the fun with morph isn’t to morph straight from a to b, but to explore the stages somewhere between a and b. This isn’t possible?

    • yeah I agree, it’s useful that you can dictate the amount of time it takes to morph to the next state but ultimately having full control of morph from one of the knobs would be a nice addition.

  • Foosnark

    The lock thing really misses the mark, for me at least. It doesn’t work with VST parameters 100% of the time (e.g. selecting a preset within a plugin’s UI may not register as a change). Locking the morph to 1/2 bar minimum (instead of, say, a 32nd note) and not having the option for realtime scrubbing over it is odd. And sequencing it within Maschine standalone seems awkward (and possible nonfunctional given Maschine’s partial MIDI support).

    But MIDI CCs on macro knobs is definitely nice to have. I was really wanting this with my Atmegatron (but I’ve just sold it recently to fund modular gear). I’ve got a macro assignment set up for one of the CV outputs on my MIDI->CV interface now, which is much more convenient than inserting MIDI events. And now I want to make a template to set up parameters on my 0-Coast. 😀

  • LeBlanc

    Midi cc’s on macro knobs is great. Does this mean that I can map VST parameters (midi learn) that I host in Maschine to those midi cc macro’s encoders? So that all the automation that I record for that VST in my pattern is now midi cc data?
    So that means you don’t have to use the Autowrite button anymore… That’s huge!

    The way Maschine recorded automation until now was with the ‘Autowrite’ button. That meant that when you export your midi to Ableton you lose your automation: it is not recorded in the midi. That sucks because when you route your midi track in Ableton back to the VST within Maschine your pattern doesn’t sound the same because of your lost automation data…

  • Chris Liddiard

    Thanks for this great overview of the new 2.6 features. I have a blofeld analog synth module. Do you know if there is a template to control that from the Maschine?