One of the many clever ideas packed into Bastl Instruments’ show-stealing Superbooth stand last month was a tiny, cheap line mixer.

Imagine starting with a battery compartment that holds four AA batteries, and building around that, and you start to get an idea of Dude. It’s tiny. It’s just €75 (slightly more for Europe with VAT). And it’s something a lot of you will likely want. Watch:

Dude isn’t without compromises. The big one is, it’s a mono mixer only – not stereo. So you get five inputs, but they’re all mono inputs. Now, a lot of the stuff you might plug in is mono, to be fair, but then you can’t pan those mono inputs, and you lose stereo information from compact gear that has its own panning or (more likely) something like a stereo delay.

If you can live with that, though, everything else here is really ingenious. It runs on batteries, but you still get up to +20 dB gain. That’s a big deal as a lot of tiny mixers are passive and really unsuitable for much more than mixing a couple of smartphone signals together.

You can power with external electricity if you want – like if you keep this in your studio.

There’s a knob for each channel, plus quick-kill mute buttons.

And you can plug in headphones to the minijack, meaning this whole thing is a way of taking a bunch of volcas or Pocket Operators or Bastl desktop gear or MeeBlip or whatever and being able to hear what you’re doing.

Seems that’s just in time for jamming in the park. I’m in. dude_prod_pic

To play us out, here’s some beautiful new music, too, on the Bastl-run label:


  • Rob Funkhouser

    In the sound around 2:45, they wouldn’t have been able to actually record the setup as shown in the video, right?

    • Václav Peloušek

      it really is just the setup you see . the feedback tone interacts with the drums from the PO and the sound of the Kastle – the Kastle also modulates the feedback EQ. Recorded directly from the DUDE. It is surprisingly rich and powerful once you start doing feedback !

      • Rob Funkhouser

        I’m not saying those sounds are not coming from those devices, but that they had to be recorded later. Just follow the cables. Everything is plugged into something else. There is no output to a recording device. Or is it that green cable coming off the eq? (I didn’t think it was at first because that port is labelled “In”, but it is the only cable I can’t trace.) Definitely not trying to knock the device though, looks really sweet.

        • Václav Peloušek

          exactly the green cable goes to the recorder in every shot! the EQ has passive splitter at the input (two inputs) so you can run the signal to the output and thru the EQ at the same time.

          • Rob Funkhouser

            That is pretty rad. I was thrown off by the label IN on the eq box, but your explanation makes perfect sense. I can’t wait to try these out in person.

          • Václav Peloušek

            yeah.great point – maybe i should just call it thru or something else instead

  • haj

    Wish inputs are stereo and so is output. I’ve got many stereo devices. Roland M-10MX is pretty hard to come by.

  • I love Bastl, but I’m not seeing the value of Dude versus Maker Hart’s Loop mixer, which has five _stereo_ inputs for the same price. (On the downside, it doesn’t run on batteries.) I’ve had one for a few weeks and it works very well.

    • Joe M

      Besides the one point you already mentioned (runs on batteries), it seems to be smaller than Maker Hart’s Loop mixer. Those two points alone (not to mention the mutes) make Dude way more useful for me, as someone who doesn’t need stereo.

  • Yermom

    Ya done messed up Korg. Someone gave you the blueprints for a beautiful mixer interface years ago.

  • Diven