You can’t get much more 80s synth power than this: Eno. DX7. Keyboard Magazine.

Yes, it seems there’s a magical synth site called Encyclotronic, full of patches and hardware specs and other goodies. And it seems that site has noted that back in 1987, Keyboard Magazine managed to extract some of his favorite patches for the Yamaha DX7 and shared them with readers.

Sadly, Keyboard lacks any kind of exhaustive archive. (Believe me, having edited a book from their archives, I know – thar be dragons.) And because this was a paper publication, Mr. Eno didn’t share everything. So somewhere, he’s got even more of these. KORG, you’ve got an instrument capable of loading them. Given that you did an OK Go edition of the volca sample, surely you could do an Eno volca FM?

Oh, yeah, also – Yamaha, maybe you’d consider doing something with the DX7 given you invented it?

In the meanwhile, this is a beautiful, free gift to all of us. Thanks for that! Now time to get FMing.


Brian Eno Yamaha DX7 Patches [info and download; download requires registration]

Via Electronic Beats

And to help you load them:

  • Chris Bartholomew

    Aaaaaaand you can import them all into FM8. Download the files, open FM8 in stand alone mode, then file->import SYSex. All the terrible FM piano patches you could ever ask for 😉

  • Pop

    Now if only his Logic scripts were available too!

    (See 9 mins or so into this vid)

  • Robin Parmar

    And the memories come flooding back! As a devoted reader of Keyboard at exactly this period, I recall these patches, Tim and I trying out different crazy things on the studio’s DX7. Sometimes something even sounded good.

  • poopoo

    The “glide” patch is nice. You can fatten it up by doubling the fundamental with some detuned oscillators. If you switch the algo you can get some spare operators wired straight to the output.

  • heinrich zwahlen

    Nice can all load and play them in your FM8.

  • Paris Treantafeles

    Nice! As you probably know there are tons of patches on the web. Almost too much! I just finished an album done entirely on my casio cz1000 (shameless plug?) and have turned my attention to my yamaha tx802. A kind of neat thing is an app called dexed (free on mac/win) which will load the dx sysex files and gives you a nice GUI to modify them then you can send to the synth itself from within dexed.

  • Graham Metcalfe

    I know programming FM is difficult, but I was expecting a little more from these. I sort of felt it was an interesting historical artifact, but kind of “meh” musically.