Cablesguys are one of the more interesting purveyors of plug-ins out there, and they’ve been showing off some interesting stuff with their lineup.

These things can be a bit hard to describe, just in theory – okay, so you’ve got VolumeShaper and TimeShaper, which shape … volume .. and … time.

But in practice, you begin to see some really compelling possibilities coming out of this approach and user interface.

With VolumeShaper, one recent plug-in, you can take hi-hats out of an existing loop (meaning this is also a must-have plug-in for remixes, for example).

TimeShaper can be used for special effects, like faking vinyl scratch-style effects without using vinyl.

Their YouTube channel, fairly quiet for some time, has been popping with new plug-in tutorials. See here:

And you can try some free trials of each of these tools. I remember watching these developers way back with their first MidiShaper years ago. It’s great to see how they’ve evolved.


VolumeShaper 5


  • This is such a fun, innovative plugin!

  • pio

    Nice but you can easily achieve it all with Ableton’s built in clip envelopes, can’t you?

  • heinrich zwahlen

    cool stuff, but of course in Ableton you could do the same with a clip volume maybe they should show it in another daw.

    • well, except this can applied to live incoming audio streams … and then you have all the additional controls in the plug-in.

      So, yes, in the simplest terms you can, but — not quite like this.

    • DrüMünkey

      There are very few plugins that could not be replicated in pretty much any full-featured DAW given the time and effort. Just like there’s theoretically no reason I could not build my own motorcycle given the time and resources. 🙂

      I find that plugins that do things that I could do in Reaper and JS are often worth it for no other reason than the UI makes it easier to work with.

      Cableguys rock.

    • AntoxaGray

      in FL you can use patcher and 3xEQ2 plugins, but it’s less convinient and more clicks and nested plugins. Also ability to change preset using MIDI keys. Ofc you can do it with patcher too, but that would require to learn how to do it first… or even know you can do it in the first place.

      In shaperbox all different effects (time shift, filter pass, volume, panning, stereo width) all have independant multiband thing. If you wanted recreate it with patcher, it would require a 15xEQ2 plugins. Now that’s a lot less convinient.

  • AntoxaGray

    I made some tracks using multipitcher on master. That’s my favorite preset.

    The only thing I want them to change is add longer loop mode and longer max. offset (64 bars both or even more than that)

    I’ve had some bugs and underirable effects because max offset you can choose is 8 bars, when using multipitcher preset. Like disappearing reverb and delay when note crosses 8 bar.