Today, we’re piloting a new video program in collaboration with Beatport. The mission: explore the latest music machines and stories, live.

You can obviously tune in to loads of YouTube videos and listen to people talking. But some of my favorite memories growing up listening to the radio were about listening as people improvised live on air, or had conversations, or took questions from their audience.

It’s called “Plugged In.” And it starts today, at 6:00 PM Berlin / European time (that’s noon in New York, 9 am in California).

So, we’re going to give a go with video and live streams to begin to do some of that. We’ll talk to artists, and talk to you, about what machines mean to music making. We’re also planning some special visits to studios, makers, and events. And we’ll include our industry heavyweights with their very latest stuff, but also vintage gear, boutique makers, and open source tech and oddities, too – just like you’d expect from CDM – all with visits from our artist friends around Berlin and beyond. Connecting with Beatport allows us to include audiences of lovers of music and electronic sounds. And we hope you’ll have something you can share with your friends, as well.

To kick things off, we’re here with artist Florian Meindl and the artist home of Roland in Berlin, with the latest Boutique modules.

And, oh yeah – you can win an ultra-limited blue Roland SH-01A (the one pictured above) just by sharing the feed. I want it, and I don’t even have it, but you can.

Here’s what to do: to catch our Facebook Live stream, like our page on Facebook, then edit notifications (under the “Following” menu). By default, just liking us will catch the streams, but you can double-check your settings (and hear from us when we post new stuff).

Of course, we’ll share archived programs, and invite discussion of topics and questions in advance in case you can’t tune in. (Bear with us as we pilot this.)

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  • arto

    great idea, would love to tune in but- any chance for people who keep their privacy away from mr zuckis sticky fingers (means i don’t have a facebook account) to see it, too?

    • I don’t think you have to login, you can visit the Facebook page. We’ll upload the archive separately on our YouTube account and post it with some follow up.

      • I’ll wait for the YT, looking forward to it. Would like to see a CDM podcast while we’re here, please!

      • Arto

        Thanks, it is good to have more options! Totally understand you use FB in terms of reach, but I’ll just try to avoid at all costs. Excited for this series, though 😉

      • Will

        Great news about not needing to log in. Maybe post announcements about upcoming chats here? I check CDM pretty much every day. FB about once a year.

  • John Doe

    Yeah, pretty silly to put it on Facehook… 🙁

    • Why? Beatport’s audience there adds thousands of people we otherwise wouldn’t reach.

      We’ll post the archived video separately (which will then also be in higher quality). Also Florian and I were talking about posting audio from his work separately, so you can actually hear what the machines sound like properly.