Koma today revealed a sequel to their crowd-funded smash hit Field Kit. And it’s a whole bunch of patchable effects, for €249 (€219 for funders).

Inside that box, there’s a load of different effects to play with:

  • Looper
  • Frequency Shifter
  • Sample Rate Reducer / Bitcrusher
  • Digital Delay
  • Analog Spring Reverb

Yeah, you read that last one right – there’s actually a physical spring included with the kit for reverb. Behold:

Looping of course means that you could make the FX a hub of performance. And in addition to the other digital effects, that frequency shifter opens up some really interesting possibilities.

So, whereas the first Field Kit depended on you attaching contact mics and working with the mixing functions, the Field Kit FX actually has a lot more sonic possibilities included right out of the box. There’s still a companion book to go with it, and of course this is already intended as a clever companion to the original Field Kit and contact mics. But whereas that piece seemed to end at being an odd experimental sound tool, the FX promises to be all that and a desirable processing tool for everyone else.

But, for a kind of “weirdo modular effects toolkit” in a case, you also get a bunch of tools for applying these effects, by mixing and sequencing them:

  • 4 Channel VCA Mixer
  • 4 Step Mini Sequencer
  • Envelope Generator

All over the place, you’ve got various patch points. That’s a chance to connect to other analog I/O – which certainly includes Eurorack modulars, but these days a lot of other gear, as well, even desktop units from Novation, Roland, Arturia, KORG, and the like.

And there’s a new 4-Channel CV Interface for bringing it all together, meaning you can come up with pretty elaborate modular connections.

4-channel CV interface for communications with other gear – now not just modular, but a lot of new desktop stuff, too.

In fact, for under three hundred bucks, the whole thing looks a bit like either a shrunken Eurorack modular or a tabletop of analog and digital effects merged together for patching.

Now, this is still definitely geared for advanced users. There’s no MIDI. And the CV routing, while powerful, might be overwhelming to newcomers – for instance, there’s not a single, simple trigger in to clock that sequencer. (That’s not necessarily a criticism – the various CV options mean loads of creative flexibility. But it does probably mean this box is more for people who want to get deep into patching.)

Watch the overview video, natch:

FIELD KIT FX – CV Controlled Multi Effects Processor

Exclusive: hands-on photos from the launch event.

  • Foosnark

    Nice! I was kinda wanting a spring reverb anyway, and everything else in here seems like a solid combination of fun and useful.

    • Yeah, and note that you can connect other spring reverb tanks apart from the one they offer in their accessories. Having it in this context, with the mixer and all this CV control and other effects, does indeed look nice. I think a bunch of us want one now. 😀

      • Paul

        the reprogrammable aspect is absolutely my favorite part of this

        I love love love reprogrammable devices

        think shbobo shnth (which you did a great article on a while back by the way!)

        if you are feeling weird you might take a look into peter B’s new shbobo shtar too as far as reprogrammable devices

        it looks like it will be able to communicated with other shbobo devices (I’m assuming through USB)!

  • Korhan Erel

    The spring reverb is not really “in there”, as mentioned in the text. It is a separate unit. The driver for the reverb tank is indeed in the Field Kit FX.

    • Uh, yes, exactly, you’re right and that needs clarification — “it’s in there” in the accessory kit. (I did picture the separate unit with a caption, but I didn’t mention that it’s part of a 50EUR kit… and that kit is actually kind of cute and interesting, so… added!)


  • itchy

    this i like 🙂

  • papernoise

    Maybe it should be titled “Koma just unveiled a whole patchable mostly digital effects toolkit” 🙂
    Not that that really changes anything though, except it does, because this thing is also hackable (Koma just confirmed that on the KS page) and there’s a USB port under the hood apparently.

    This said, getting a spring reverb eurorack module will cost you more than this, so it’s a real bargain! As with the Field Kit, they did have to cut some corners to make it fit into this small package, so the looper is pretty basic, the sequencers does not have a gate output (as far as I can see) and some things are mutually exclusive (like the looper and frequency shifter, or the envelope and sequencer). But still, seems like this could indeed be very cool combined with the Field Kit, even though it does not fill all the gaps.

  • Polite Society

    Looks great and I got really excited, though the audio examples on the kickstarter sound so lo-fi and thin. Now I’m not so sure.