Soundtoys are on a short list of the best plug-in developers out there. Now through Nov. 22, you get their model of the classic EMT 140 plate, for free.

That seems a little dangerous. The EMT 140 is a versatile enough plate that … it’s tough sometimes to use anything else. There’s an exceptionally good set of models from Universal Audio I use all the time, which have three different plate models included. But the Soundtoys rendition is good enough to use right alongside, thanks to some clever design additions.

There’s delay times up to infinite reverb, for one. (There’s your next ambient project, sorted.)

And doubly useful, since the 140 was never intended to go beyond five seconds, there’s also a crucial mod switch that fattens up and varies those reflections.

This plus an all-important low cut filter.

I’m obligated to tell you that while this is free, it does require an account. Don’t panic, though – those have been far more reliable these days. You don’t need a dongle, and very often ilok is more convenient and responsive than third-party plug-in developers rolling their own authentication systems (depending on the case). Of course, it’s up to you.


  • chaircrusher

    Haven’t tried this yet, but it’s hard to resist plate reverbs. They _sound_ reverby in the way that space modeling and convolution reverbs do not.

    The Audiodamage EOS plate algorithms sound really sweet as well.

  • “There’s delay times up to infinite reverb, for one. (There’s your next ambient project, sorted.)”
    You tease, Peter, but it’s actually quite a bit of fun for those of us who had never played with an infinite reverb before. Feels more organic than freezing a granular synthesis.
    As for iLok, funny how much warning is given by Soundtoys about this.

  • dbmarin

    Just downloaded, installed, authorized and used it with nice results on a track I’m currently working on. Made the drums right at home in the mix. Thanx ST and thanx CDM (again)

  • How does it compare to the UA ones? I compared it to Reason’s RV7000 and the Little Plate is much denser and has more low end. I totally love it.

    • Gunboat_Diplo

      it’s free and doesn’t require dedicated hardware.

    • i have the UAD one. its equally comparable. the UAD has 3 “different” plates. (they sound mostly alike). and a few extra things like EQ and pre delay. but the infinite setting on the ST one makes it different. i would have no problem swamping out the UAD one with the ST one. since its free, its worth having to have the ilok (dongle free). best deal out. no reason to not grab this unless you hate plate reverbs. (and still not a good reason)

      • Thanks. The ST is a favourite for me straight away. Warm density.