You can already sample and slice with Native Instruments’ groove production instrument. But soon, you’ll change loops’ pitch and time in real-time, too.

Maschine has been guided by focusing on certain means of working, ignoring others. The hardware/software combination from the start began with an MPC-style sampling workflow and drum machine features, and it’s added from there – eventually getting features like more elaborate pattern generation and editing, drum synths, more sound tools, and deeper arrangement powers.

But hang on – that’s not really an excuse for not doing time stretching. Real-time time stretching has been a feature on many similar hardware and software tools.

Now, it’s sort of nice that Maschine isn’t Ableton Live. In fact, it’s so nice that the combination of the two is one of the most common use cases for Maschine. But it’s so expected that you’d be able to work with changing pitch and time independently with loops, that it’s almost distracting when it isn’t there.

So, Maschine 2.7 adds that functionality. In addition to the existing Sampler, which lets you trigger sounds and loops and slice audio into chunks, there’s now an Audio plug-in device you can add to your projects. Audio will play loops in time with the project, and has the ability to time stretch in real-time.

The features we’re getting:

Real-time time stretching keeps loops in time with a project, without changing pitch

Loop hot swapping lets you change loops as you play – apparently without missing a beat, so you can audition lots of different loops or trigger different loops on the fly

Gate Mode lets you play a loop just by hitting a pad

Melodic re-pitching lets you change pitch in Gate Mode of a whole loop or portion of a loop, just by playing pads

Gate Mode: trigger loops, change pitch, from pads.

More discussion on the NI blog.

The combination of pads and Gate Mode sounds really performer-friendly, and different from what you see elsewhere. That’s crucial, because since you can already do a lot of this in other tools, you need some reason to do it in Maschine.

I’m eager to get my hands on this and test it. It’s funny, I had some samples I wanted to play around with in the studio just before I saw this, and decided not to use Maschine because, well, this was missing. But because the pads on the Maschine MK3 hardware feel really, really great, and because sometimes you want to get hands-on with material using something other than the mouse, I’m intrigued by this. I find this sort of way of working can often generate different ideas. I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way. Actually, I know you do, because you’ve been yelling at NI to do this since the start. It looks like the wait might pay off with a unique, reflective implementation.

We’ll know soon enough – stay tuned.

The old way of doing things: the Sampling workflow:

  • Great, can’t wait!

    Also if anyone from NI is listening here, please add a couple more Aux/sends. Surely that wouldn’t be very hard to do? A few more sends and an extra page on the channel output section. Two sends is just a little bit too limited.

    And a live Arpeggiator that can be adjusted after the fact. Recording everything played by the Arp is cool and leads to some interesting results, but being able to turn it on and off and make adjustments later(like Logic, Live, etc.) would be a nice alternative performance option.

    Thanks in advance

  • This was seriously overdue!

  • Max

    Interesting approach.

  • thundercat

    Does the new version allow playback of a sample in Maschine chromatically WITHOUT the sample length being affected?

    With current behaviour a sample will play fully but the pitch will directly affect the playback speed. Pitching a sample down will result in slower playback, pitching a sample up will result in faster playback. If you were to play a chord with a vocal sample, the notes in the lower register would finish later than the notes in the higher register.

    With this new functionality will it be possible to play chords with multiple voices of the same sample and have all the voices finish at the same time (because they are ‘stretched’ to have the same length)??

    Maybe it is just me but I really like doing this on Push 2 and have been hoping for a long time for this to come to Maschine. Does the new gate mode mentioned allow for this when playing one shots?

  • Dubby Labby

    I don’t see what it brings than ReSlice can do on simple iPhone… or old variOS!
    Sometimes I look to desktop and I don’t know what it’s going…