What would make DJing with vinyl better? Why, DJing with vinyl as a disembodied invisible person in virtual reality with virtual vinyl on virtual decks!

At this point, you’ve probably got many questions, like “what?” and “why?” Okay, mostly “why?”

And to answer that question, we obviously need someone Japan, where it’s always the future. And in that future, you get to PUT CRAZY MUSIC TOGETHER AND THROW RECORDS OUT OF YOUR CRATE AT THE WALLS OF YOUR VIRTUAL LOFT. Watch:

I could seriously watch that all day.

But if you’re not sold yet, you need the review, as … translated badly from Twitter translation from Japanese:

Try saw VDJ Simulator that vinyl Reality. Made easy with the vinyl DJ and quite enjoyable.
I expect and features will be added in the update now so super.

Really, wrong-Japanese-to-English translation is better than normal English. You do realize the first thing we’ll do when we have automatic translation is not talk to one another in foreign languages, but translate our own language into nonsense.

Speaking of which – this comes from a Twitter user described as:

The video deck of the comprehensive entertainment unit “DESCO GRAPHICS”. Again, I started quoting Mr. Beeya ‘s manga on the icon image without permission.

Also, if you want to track those features so super:


Via DJ Tech Tools and Japanese Twitter.

Let’s be honest: it’s really only going to be fun if you can play a virtual reality version of yourself playing a virtual reality version of DJing.

  • Kobamoto

    I blame Trump for this.

  • Kobamoto

    I blame Trump for this.

  • StanleyBrothers

    Great so we’ve got virtual reality drums, dj’ing, now we just need virtual piano, guitar, and bass. Soon we’ll be able to go to shows where multiple people stand on stage wearing ridiculous goggles waving their hands around in the air. That’s true artistry and I for one cannot wait.

  • R__W

    honestly seems pretty cool.

    i would pay the price he’s asking (13 dollars??) for just the record player and “crate” browser interface to run on my Apple TV

  • chaircrusher