You’ve got your acid basslines. Then, you’ve got your acid trips involving a bass synth. Roikat takes us in the direction of the latter.

Creatures dance around urban streets. AI deep dream wildlife stares at you on title cards. Worms amiably amble from car doors and make their way onto the amplitude knobs.

And there are cats. Of course there are cats.

It’s all adorable stop motion with the raw sounds of our MeeBlip synth and no, I really didn’t have any idea this was going to happen until I spotted it on YouTube. Roikat is evidently both animator and MeeBlip composer. The combination is brilliant. I’d go for a whole show.

Your sound demos will never be the same. Behold:

Of course, perhaps the wildest of all is this … ultrasonic demo?! (Watch it drive your cats crazy.)

Plus there was a Halloween jam some time back

Whoever you are, Roikat, you’re crazy and a genius. Looking forward to more synth vids and those promised presets for Dave Smith – we’ll share them here!

The MeeBlip in question here is anode series, but our triode is closely related to the anodes – and it’s on a Black Friday sale now with a lower price and all the cables you need included:

MeeBlip triode [shop]

  • Roikat

    Thanks for the post! I also had no idea you’d stumble upon this on YouTube before I made the website referred to in the videos! (I’ve been procrastinating mightily on that because I was once a professional web designer, but became completely avoidant to web design due to looking at too many millions of lines of code over the years. Guess I’ll have to SquareSpace a site into existence ASAP.) Also a warning to anyone who needs to make YouTube videos for their music: never think “I know what I’ll do! Stop. Motion. Animation.” It takes longer to make than the music …

    • Armando Cajide

      Very well done though. Nice work.

    • Armando Cajide

      Very well done though. Nice work.

    • This is awesome, nice work!!

  • chaircrusher

    Not a criticism of Roikat, but he seems to have focused on the ‘trademark’ Meeblip Anode sounds. If you have an Anode, you immediately recognize ‘that sound.’

    So I need to make some demos of the Anode sounding un-Anode-like! I’ve actually found that it makes really good sounds in the upper octaves too!

    • Roikat

      I look forward to hearing that. These demos were definitely intended to hit the MeeBlip’s “sweet spot”, but to increase its expressiveness with a lot more MIDI modulation than I’ve heard in most demos. I do find it works quite well for midrange leads, as demonstrated in the second video above.