When Strymon’s delay/reverb/sampler/looper meets the modular craze, you know it’s going to be big news.

So, we turn to new CDM contributor Oliver Torr – just the kind of avowed Strymon fan you know will go crazy over this – to tell us exactly what to look forward to. -Ed.

Let’s welcome Strymon into the Eurorack modular world.

At the Winter NAMM two years ago, we got a glimpse of Strymon’s Eurorack delay unit – at the time a concept unit that at the time was named Generalissimo. Now, a real product is finally here – the Magneto.

The Magneto is a four-head digital tape echo in Eurorack format. The module is loaded with the dTape delay algorithm, the same one used in their stompboxes El Capistan and Timeline. Having used these two pedals, I can only add to the praise they’ve been receiving.

The thing I really love about Strymon is the play-ability of their products. Having used many of the pedals, especially their BigSky reverb, these machines really want to be fiddled with. As Pete Celi of Strymon puts it: “It was an important part of it to make it feel natural and hopefully respond in ways that you would expect, in ways that don’t take you out of the musical moment, but at the same time allowing enough possibilities that you happily get into areas that you might not have known about, but do so in a way that ultimately is part of the musical process.”

As you can see, we get a TON of features and connectivity. And there are some tasty modes, too: a phrase sampler, a sound-on-sound looper, and an echo. It can also function as a spring reverb unit, a clock multiplier, an oscillator (high feedback + short delay time), a sub oscillator … and the list goes on, look at that connectivity. If you’re looking for a workhorse modular delay unit that packs a punch, along with a ton of great features, this may be the one…

That sound… pure LUSH. Notice how play-ability is high on the priority list… More of these please!


Tape-voiced delay machine with four playback heads and one record head
Processor-intense dTape algorithm delivers meticulously nuanced recreations of vintage tape echo systems
Three operational modes: Echo, Sound On Sound Looper, Phrase Sampler
Varispeed algorithm with dynamic machine mechanics, 8:1 speed range
Input record level for clean reproduction to warm, fat saturation
Self-oscillating for tone generation
Independent Spring Reverb

The Magneto is available for pre-order now, for US$599:


Ed.: For something totally different, I’m still looking forward to Bastl’s tape delay Thyme. But that’s just a demonstration of how different two delays can be: the Strymon makes sense once you get creative with patching, whereas the Thyme is more about grungy digital sound and a crazy workflow that’s set up in advance. Let’s hope we get our hands on both!

Oliver: And also looking forward to the new Verbos Electronics multi-delay! 

  • Nagasaki Nightrider

    I agree with everything you say here, Oliver. This thing will be amazing. The clock outs for each head open up so much opportunity for cool rhythmic patching. Not cheap, but everything you run through this delay will sound better. As you say, Strymon pays attention to playability, and I expect Magneto to have a million sweet spots.

  • And they’ve released a ton of brilliant demos along with the launch…

  • Baron Von Creepz

    “here’s why that matters”

    Pretty much only read this article because the title drew me in with this line, suggesting a morsel of proper analysis and insight, some interesting angle, or deeper implication of this release, possibly not found elsewhere. Nope, it’s just a product run down and an opinion on how cool it is. That’s known as clickbait, folks.

    • Nagasaki Nightrider

      “it’s just a product run down and an opinion on how cool it is”

      Aaaaand, welcome to CDM.

      But seriously, how much analysis do you want? It’s a fancy delay pedal in Euro format. There are no deep and substantial thinkpieces on this subject forthcoming from any outlet.

      • Baron Von Creepz

        Not expecting analysis ordinarily, except for the use of “here’s why that matters” in the title. I wouldn’t have clicked through otherwise, read plenty about it elsewhere in the last 48 hours. That was my point, the bait in the title.

        • Nagasaki Nightrider

          Got it. I’m with you, actually, but I’m numb to it here at this point. Press release rehash is the norm a lot of the time.

    • Oliver Torr

      Hey Baron! Yes this is a product rundown, since Ive not put my hands on it. Probably expect a deeper analysis later .) think of it as an announcement

    • Polite Society

      Check out the demo videos on the strymon site though. Some of them are pretty amazing. Definitely gives a bunch of reasons why it’s not just another delay module.

  • Armando Cajide

    This was the fastest ticket to booting everyone out of my eurocase to make room. I cannot wait! So happy.

  • Spankous

    So basically digital in modular format packaging and everybody including many modular fanatics loving it. Funny times we live in. How was the saying? “Analog sounds warmer?” Ahh these religious people …. 🙂 Who is Styrmon btw? I only know Strymon. muaH!

  • FS

    is anyone else feeling like Eurorack makers are getting a little HP happy? $600 and eating up 28 HP is kind of a lot. i understand this is the format but i really think Moog did a nice thing with M32 and DFAM by housing it in a case and making pulling it out and popping it into another case an option. i wish that was the case for a unit like this. with the HP needed it makes this unit really cost about $725.