Running Live Visuals for The Glitch Mob: An All-Access Pass Behind the Scenes

The Glitch Mob is one of the hot summer tickets for electronic music, and they’re fortunate enough to stage a massive live visual spectacle alongside the show. This week’s a perfect time to consider all that visual goodness, with the release of their latest original music, “We Can Make the World Stop” on EP. So […]

The Circus of Lost Souls: Breakdown of a Narrative Audiovisual Piece, in Max for Live

[vimeo width=”640″ height=”300″][/vimeo] Last week, guest writer Momo proposed a set of semantics and abstraction for making audiovisual collaboration more expressive – starting with ideas as fundamental as describing a kick beat. Now, he returns to show us what he actually means in his work, element by element. -Ed. This is the current version of […]

Op-Ed: Music Abstraction for AV Collaboration, A Proposal

Ed. Our friend Momo the Monster (aka Surya Buchwald) joins us for a guest column with a proposal: what if messages sent between music and visual software could be expressive? His idea is simple, but powerful: it’s musical semantics for live visual messages, as basic as knowing when there’s a bass drum hit. Momo introduces […]

Handheld Visuals: Lo-Res Animated Drawing Tool, and the Goodness of AIR for Android

Bridge Invaders Basics from Momo the Monster on Vimeo. Today, Adobe announced the availability of AIR apps in the Android Market. A quick refresher: AIR is Adobe’s runtime environment for Flash Platform applications. It allows Flash movies to run as closer-to-first-class citizens – they can get access to system hardware like the accelerometer, save/load files, […]

Preview: The Circus of Lost Souls, in Progress, Marries Flash, Max, Ableton, More

Circus of Lost Souls *Sneak Peek from Momo the Monster on Vimeo. Animation as performance — our friend Momo gives us a little teaser of what has kept him hard at work. If you’re interested in visual work that bridges different tools, there’s some tantalizing stuff here. Have a look, and let him know how […]

The Interactive Open: A Visual Remix Challenge

CDM contributor and Friend of the Site momo has laid down the gauntlet. Sure, it’s great to talk about Nina Paley’s Creative Commons-licensed animation. But open culture is about making, not just talking. Momo has a venue – a Portland, Oregon gallery, plus The Internet – and challenges all of us to do a visual […]

Gear Check: Inside a Traveling VJ Bag, on the Way to Coachella

li {margin-bottom:10px;} Packing up VJ Gear to fit on an airplane can be tricky business. I flew from Portland to San Diego in order to join the Xochi Media crew for Coachella this year – luckily, they’re supplying most of the heavy equipment, so I needed only the essentials, as photographed above. Here’s what I […]

Instant Interview: Scott Pagano on Inspiration, Motion, Headlining as a Visualist

Ed.: Scott Pagano is one of a handful of people you could call visualist superstars. He’s become a headline staple with some key electronica events and artists. But that’s not why I’m excited to see him here – I’m thrilled that he geeks out on some of the same stuff that makes me hot and […]

Projecting Holidays: A/V Mapping Xmas

TreeWaxHD from klipcollective on Vimeo. Simple concept, excellent execution. the klip collective, mostly known for their architectural video mapping work in retail locations, produced this eminently fun holiday-time silliness. All video is provided by a single projector. music: Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band A Fifth of Beethoven (Soulwax Remix)