Unusual Rozzbox One V2 Synth: Now Accepting Pre-Orders

Some time ago, we ran a story on a boutique German synth called the Rozzbox. Laden with knobby goodness, the Rozzbox was available only in limited quantities, and only to those fortunate enough to be in Germany (or somehow miraculously got in touch with the creator and pried one from his hands). Tweakers rejoice! The […]

Westlee Latta - January 23, 2008

Mix Online To Offer Monthly Game Audio Digital Magazine

Speaking of gaming, here’s more news that the fledgling game audio and music area is getting more attention — something that we at CDM see as very good news. (See our sometimes-obsessive gaming stories.) CDM’s resident game composer and sound designer checks in … In an e-mail he sent to me yesterday, Peter pointed out […]

Westlee Latta - December 18, 2007

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