Musikmesse: CG-8 Video Synth Video Footage

Sure, Edirol's fascinating new CG-8 video synthesizer, due in July, costs a whopping US$5295 — enough to make most of you (and us) to lose interest until we find a higher paying job (see our story and follow-up and more follow-up with sticker shock). That doesn't mean that: this gear isn't really cool to dream […]

Lightspace: Disco Dance Floor for Pros

Sure, at MIT building interactive LED-powered disco dance floors is a good way to decorate your dorm and procrastinate. But, Chris O'Shea of pixelsumo reminds me, for the designers at Lightspace, it's serious business. Clearly, the MIT students' DIY project was directly inspired by the Lightspace team that's . . . wait a minute . […]

Comic Life (Mac OS X) Turns iPhotos into Comics (OT)

Off-topic, but this is just too cool to pass up — and there's a CDM tie-in, too. Regular reader Cris 'Atariboy,' the musician/graphic designer who did the UI for music software like Rax, Zebra, and Bidule, has been busy. Via plasq, the folks who brought us the Musolomo live sampler instrument, comes Comic Life, a […]

Update on Edirol CG-8 Video Synth

Edirol reports the CG-8 video synth will be available in July and will cost (you may want to sit down) US$5295. So, yes, those of you who aren't living off an enormous trust fund or VJing in your spare time while you pull in six figures at your day job might want to go the […]

Pioneer DVJ-X1: Spins Music and Movies

While we're looking at cool interfaces and video hardware this week, we can't miss Pioneer's DVJ-X1 digital video turntable. The DVJ-X1 has been out for about a year, but in case you missed it, this amazing virtual turntable spins high-quality video and audio simultaneously. DJ Eldorado got his hands on it at the Winter Music […]

Musikmesse: Korg Kaptivator Video Sampler Revealed

While Edirol takes the synthesis approach with its new video box (at least from a marketing standpoint), VJ gear rival Korg is going the sampler route. As reported here earlier, the Kaptivator is a video sampler with a 4×4 Akai-style drum pad grid. Now that we're not reading in Japanese, we've got some more details: […]

More on Edirol CG-8, Other Video Performance Gear

Rob Read from Edirol tells CDM that, while the announcement of the new CG-8 video synth is hours old, we can expect some video samples on the site soon. Better news: Edirol hopes to show off this gear in person in New York, possibly as soon as this summer. New Yawkas, I'll see you at […]

Musikmesse: Edirol CG-8 Visual Synthesizer

This is no VJ mixer. The Edirol CG-8 is a high-res 3D motion graphic synthesizer, taking synthesis concepts from audio and applying them to video. Integrate with music: You can use audio to trigger video live, with VLINK/MIDI connections for further music integration, especially tight integration with Roland and Edirol gear. Sample motion: Grab video […]

fREQ: Free Drawing, Shadow-Based Instrument

Not new, but worth mentioning: fREQ is a project exploring the conversion of drawn waveforms into sound: visual waveforms control a drone in real-time. You can download a free mouse and keyboard version (PC only). That's fun, but the installation version (first shown about a year ago) is cooler: it takes an outline of the […]

If Aliens Decoded Vinyl Digitally

Continuing the 'oldie but goodie' links for today is the 'virtual gramophone / digital needle'. (via audioserve) This is practically ancient, 2002, but I hadn't seen it, and it's hilarious. Ofer Springer pretends never to have seen vinyl records before and treats them as "archeology," trying to reconstruct the means of recording turntables using a […]