MetaSynth 4 Arrives (OS X)

At long last, one of the most beloved and unusual Mac sound creation applications has made it to OS X, with vastly expanded features. The brainchild of Bryce creator Eric Wenger, the first version of U&I Software's MetaSynth was popular with the likes of Aphex Twin for its far-out, one-of-a-kind sound production and the ability […]

LAVA VJ Report: Dance Pad VJs and More

A report from the Los Angeles VJ party LAVA: VJ Fader introduced the video drum machine VDrum, as reported here earlier this week. (Windows now and OS X soon, free) Bizarre video screenings: Syncrosect and 4 Get Who U R Ableton Live (audio) and Isadora (video) controlled by a PlayStation 2 dance pad! Check out […]

MetaSynth 4 Visual Audio Software: Very Close

Exclusive! Returning to our regular programming of geeky stories that appeal to a tiny fraction of the population (PowerBook G5 rumors? What was it, sweeps week?) and ill-conceived puns (see above), I bring you: MetaSynth 4. MetaSynth is a graphic sound design and music creation environment that lets you paint with sound, using color imagery […]

VDrum: Video Drum Machine (Win)

VJ Fader, creator of Max/MSP/Jitter-powered Neuromixer (an excellent video mixer with lots of support for controllers), now introduces a first: VDrum is a step sequencer not only for audio, but video, too. The first version was released today with the following features: Sequence AV clips using on/off switches, via numeric pad or MIDI input Record […]

VJ, Video, Electronic Music Parties at Macworld

For those of you in San Francisco for Macworld, three events two watch for: Tonight (Tuesday): Drinks are on Discreet at the BAMG meetup — featuring red-hot visual effects artist Culley Bunker (Black Eyed Peas, Spiderman 2) Thursday: Edirol is sponsoring the Iron VJ battle at 9:30 PM, presented by the Video Salon (one of […]

MetaSynth 4 Coming to OS X Soon (CDM Exclusive)

U&I Software tells that they expect to release the highly-anticipated Mac OS X version of MetaSynth by the end of the year (unofficially). MetaSynth, created by wonder-programmer Eric Wenger who brought us tools like Bryce and ArtMatic, was the one and only reason to run Classic in OS X for many of us who […]