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From Comments: Rosco iCue for Projection Tips

I talked a bit last month about my woes trying to use a Rosco iCue “intelligent mirror.” The short version: skip the lighting board and the lighting op / designer, and do what Jamie Jewett suggests here, via comments: I am also using a hacked I-cue with projection and am quite happy with it – […]

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Visualist Meets Lighting: Projection with Color Scrollers, iCue Automated Mirrors

Working on digital visuals for choreographer Grisha Coleman’s echo::system, I got to try some new techniques for running visuals. These were necessary experiments, so naturally we had some things that worked well, and some that didn’t. (For more on the piece, see the project site; warning: auto-playing audio via Flash!) Two particular pieces of gear […]

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Resolume Posts Tutorial on Controlling Avenue with Ableton Live, More Live Resources

Part of what makes Resolume Avenue so compelling as a live visual solution is that it can mix, mash, and loop audio alongside video, in ways often resembling Ableton Live. But that, of course, doesn’t make Resolume nearly as deep a live sonic tool as Ableton. So, to combine two great tastes – live video […]

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Block Rocking Blocks: Latest in Visualism from Create Digital Motion

Digitalists can’t be satisfied with the aural alone, so for visuals, here’s the latest from CDMusic’s sister site: UnitedVisualArtists blow us away with more elegant digital art, including the new generative visuals seen above for Chemical Brothers. Jaymis has good times experimenting with slow motion on his new Sony camera; now gorgeous motion from butterflies […]

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Behringer Finally Fixes BCD2000 Drivers and Platform Support, Calls it the BCD3000

I’ve tried, Behringer, really I have. I’ve tried to support and defend you, to explain your quirks and help people use your promising but terribly flawed BCD2000. How do you repay me? You make some OSX drivers, fix compatibility with Traktor, give the BCD2000 a new coat of paint and then sell it as the […]

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