Elastic Drums 2.1 arrived, and a little bit earlier than I’d expected. Version 2.1 brings some very cool new features and updates to what’s already there. 2.1 also updates the Audiobus version and there’s more besides.

Here’s the full list of what’s in this update:

  • 4 new IAP „Futuristic synths“ – that enhance the sonic possibilities
  • Improved Midi-Learn section
  • Possibility to Restore In-App Purchases
  • New equalizer in Master Section
  • Newest Audiobus SDK
  • User-samples get zipped now when sending a user preset via email
  • Automation is recordable via Midi CC now (only one CC at a time)
  • New Samples and Presets by Servando
  • New Presets by Deadfader

If you don’t know Elastic Drums then now’s the time to get acquainted with it.

  • Velocipede

    I feel the same way with this as the recent DM1 update that added melodic instruments. Please give me a way to enter pitches in the sequence besides Pitch Knob automation.

    • Oliver Greschke

      For iPad there is a decent screen for that. Long Tap “velocity” button and connect the velocity with pitch. Then you have a 2 octaves note grid where you can draw notes in 🙂

      • Velocipede

        Thanks. That is helpful, but it would still be nice to have a straightforward pitch grid.