AC Sabre has been around for a little while now. When it first arrived it changed how many people looked at an iOS device in terms of performance potential. One of the first times I came into contact with the AC Sabre was at a Heart n Soul SoundLab event where we invited the creator and developer of the AC Sabre to bring it along and show some of our artists just how it worked. That was back in July of last year and went really well (you can find out about it here). Since then the app has only been updated once with the introduction of AC Central back in May this year.

Now in release 1.2, AC Sabre takes a few more very interesting steps. In this release we get MPE (Multi-dimensional Polyphonic Expression) support, which only a few apps have take on so far, although you might be surprised by some that have. For instance:

All in all not a bad list. I also believe that Zeeon has added MPE support only recently, and of course today AC Sabre gets added to the list as well.

But there’s more in version 1.2 than just MPE support. It also has a new “Guitarist” panel set with POWER CHORDS, the vertical pluck axis fixed, and of course, no update would be complete without the obligatory bug fixes.


It’s definitely worth checking out AC Sabre if you haven’t already taken a look there’s one last thing to mention. It’s also on sale right now and down from its normal price of $9.99 to just $4.99.

AC Sabre is on the app store right now for just $4.99:

  • Nice writeup! Particularly like the list of MPE apps, a useful addition to Roger Linn’s page of “Recommended Sounds”.
    Sounds to me like MPE has a rather bright future on iOS. With ThumbJam acting as both MPE controller and synth (with 3D Touch on iPhone!) and ROLI pushing MPE through its diverse offerings, we might be getting somewhere. In fact, someone who went to ADC (hint, hint) could tell us about any discussion of MPE-friendly development there, especially in ROLI-owned JUCE.

    As for AC Sabre itself, it sure makes for cool demos. Have had some fun sessions with it and could imagine using it more extensively. Like any instrument, it does require some practice, especially if you want to play something other than scale runs. The “bloom” supports other playing patterns, but it does have its own learning curve. Same could be said for ThumbJam, which favours scalar (instead of angular) playing even more extensively than the Air Craft controller.

    Spent a few minutes with the updated version in guitarist mode with GeoShred’s “India Dream” patch. Does sound like the improvement speed up the setup as CC#74 is already assigned to “pitch” (as in vertical motion) and the “whammy bar mode” can make for a cool effect. Should be fun to use with some of the other MPE synths you list (didn’t realize Zeeon was one; not sure it responds to CC#74 by default). Among the MPE-savvy PPG apps you haven’t mentioned, Infinite should pair quite well with AC Sabre!