Beatonal describes itself as “an accessible music making app”. It claims to enable you to easily create and share musical ideas.
The app is free to try, but requires an in-app purchase to unlock all features together with project saving.

It’s features include:

  • 4 audio channels: drum machine, base, chords and lead (so not dissimilar ┬áto ┬ásomething like Figure)
  • ‘Analog’ synth with two oscillators, FM, AM and pitch modulation, lowpass filter, and effects
  • 60 built-in synth presets, you can also create and store your own presets
  • User friendly track sharing via track-url’s (although this still a little unclear)
  • Export a track as MIDI so you can continue your work inside other apps or a DAW
  • Export a track as wav
  • Output realtime midi to other apps on multiple channels, or to an external device such as your DAW
  • Load your own drum samples
  • Ableton Link

Beatonal is available for iOS and for Android. It’s free with an in-app purchase:

  • doot

    pretty bad ripoff of propellorhead figure

  • partofthepuzzle

    Figure isn’t available on Android, so props (pun intended) for the devs doing an Android version of Beatonal.

  • doot

    you support ripoffs as long as its on your platform of choice? pretty lame.

  • Fluxus

    this is no figure ripoff, it is much better than figure