DesignByPaul has brought us quite a few interesting apps since they first set up on the app store. Now they’ve introduced PolySynth, their first polyphonic synthesizer with only 3 note polyphony but apparently packed with vintage analog character.

PolySynth has Audiobus 3 support, IAA (Inter-App Audio) and MIDI-In so you can connect, play and record with other apps.

Main app features:

  • Microtonal tuning
  • 3 note polyphony
  • MIDI note in
  • 24db/Oct MS20 Lowpass filter and resonant highpass
  • Arpeggiator
  • AudioBus
  • Inter App Audio
  • 3x oscillators
  • 2x LFOs
  • 2x ADSR envelopes
  • Delay

PolySynth is an iPad only synth, and costs $4.99 on the app store now:

  • gekiga

    looks decent. hope he adds midi to s-modular now! keep it up!

  • Presteign

    I didn’t think I’d be saying this so soon, but the lack of AUv3 is a deal-breaker for me. AU implementation has gone from really cool feature to basically a requirement in just a few months (thanks in large part to Beatmaker 3), and seeing a new iOS synth without it already feels like seeing a new Mac/Windows synth that doesn’t run as a VST.