It’s a slightly unusual update, but certainly a welcome update. Version 1.6 of this useful drum machine adds something that the developer calls the “DRONE MACHINE”. The developer says …

Introducing the “DRONE MACHINEā€. With the brand new “Drone Machine” mode DM2 turns into an instant Ambient machine. All 9 tracks play continuously regardless of what the sequencer plays. Switch it on and drive a powerful Dream Machine at the tips of your fingers. Extremely versatile when used with a MIDI controller and MIDI Learn mode. Dark Ambient admirers, Space Rock lovers, Dream Music adorers, Minimal fetishist are welcome.

I’m interested to see how it works and to try it out. In addition they’ve made some amends and fixes too.

+ AUDIO ENGINE : Improved CPU management when idle in the background
+ Faster loading time

+ Minor Sequencer issue with solo mode
+ Some memory issues after a long use

DM2 is on the app store and costs $4.99:

  • Velocipede

    Great repurposing of this app. Would be even better if the drone function could be turned on/off for each track independently.

  • Will

    Yes, please to turning this on/off per instrument. A lot of full-bodied mayhem could come out of 4 drums and 5 drones, say.

    • Pascal Douillard

      Good suggestion. Thanks. Pascal (for Audionomy)