GeoShred has been a favorite for a long time, and I know that I’m not alone in thinking that. The addition of 3D Touch is an excellent feature in my opinion, and I wish that more apps added it. From a GeoShred perspective I think this is one of the ‘it takes it to the next level’ moments for the app.

Added to that, the addition of MPE Out will also be very handy, or at least I hope it will. Time will tell.

For now, here’s a quick summary of what’s new in GeoShred 2.5:

  • Support for 3D touch for control and MIDI/MPE Out
  • Support for World Scales and Temperaments as well as user defined Scales/Temperaments
  • Suport for Indian Ragas
  • New Sympathetic String Resonator
  • Backing Tracks from the iTunes Library

GeoShred is on the app store and costs $24.99:

  • I’m getting tired of these cookie-cutter “new version of this app is out” articles. Could you at least take the time to describe what the app does? I’ve never heard of GeoShred before (though I’ve been using iOS music apps for years), and the article gives almost no clues. It does something involving scales, I guess? And can play sounds?

    • Andile

      Geoshred is one of my top 5 apps (long time iOS app user as well). Well worth checking out. Essentially an isometric keyboard layout (“guitar fretboard”), so it’s very easy for guitar players to use. Built in physical based modelling makes for some very interesting sound control ranging from traditional stringed instrument emulation (guitar, sitar etc), all the way through to more non-traditional sounds. Can be used as MIDI controller and now as MPE controller. One of the very best apps. A must have. Now includes user editable scales which mean it has microtonal support.