Percussa micro super signal processor

Groove Rider GR-16 is a pretty cool groovebox, and with version 1.6 it once again gets way better. It’s pretty impressive. It’s a big list of updates, and of course the obligatory fixes.

Here’s all that’s new:

  • maximum pattern length raised to 8 bars;
  • introducing Wavetable Synthesis. You can load a wavetable, and control its wavetable position parameter (can be modulated) and the pulse width (can be automated);
  • introducing In-App purchases. First introduced IAP is a new pattern Bank B “Techno Sessions”, consisting of 72 new patterns and 50 part presets in Deep / Melodic Techno style. Now available from within the app;
  • 80 new one-shot samples added to the built-in sample library for FREE into these sections: Kick, Snare, Clap, HiHat, Cymbal, Percussion and Stabs!
  • 4 new instruments added to the built-in Instrument library;
  • 45 built-in wavetables added! Select them by tapping Oscillator’s “Wave” button and then browsing inside the “Wave” folder. Note, that user wavetables will be placed at the top of the list inside this folder;
  • you can import your own wavetable files (Serum wav format is currently supported) by placing these files into the “Wave” folder inside Groove Rider’s documents folder, or by using “Open In…” dialog from other locations;
  • 14 new part sound presets added to the Bank A presets. They’re all based on built-in wavetables, and have a prefix “WT”;
  • new Bar selector with 2 buttons: plus and minus. Old 4-buttons selector is still available (switchable from Settings menu), but it will not be able to access more than 4 bars;
  • Part Mutes events now can work in Sync to the Beat, Bar or Pattern (this is selectable from the Settings menu -> Mute Mode, but it is Off by default). Very useful when performing live;
  • Shift “Lock” feature added, allows to temporarily lock the Shift button in pressed state. To activate, hold down the Shift button and swipe up or down for some distance. Deactivated by tapping anything, that is not a knob;
  • 2 new Utilities added: “Clone Bar” and “Clone Pattern Bar”. First one to distribute (copy) currently selected bar along all the other bars in the current Part. Second one to distribute (copy) the whole current bar (affecting all 16 parts) into the other bars;
  • Utilities folder is rearranged to put the most important functions to the top;
  • new Copy/Paste function: you can now copy and paste the whole Mixer state (all part levels, pans, send fx amounts and also master volume) from one pattern to another. Just select “Paste Mixer” from the popup menu upon paste;
  • Midi CC output is added, allowing you to send all knobs movements to the Midi Out. It is Off by default, please activate it from Settings menu if needed;
  • you can now see the names of Osc Edit 1 & 2 parameters for the Oscillator type sounds, written as captions under the Osc Edit 1 & 2 knobs;
  • new main display Animation mode available: Channels + Oscillogram;
  • new “Loop” button instead of “Tap” button! You can now loop one bar (or several bars, holding it down during playback). If you wish, you can revert back the old Tap button from the Settings menu;
  • now, when turning on the velocity pad mode for a Part, the TouchPad in Scale mode will reflect the velocity along its Y axis;
  • improved UI: tables (lists of files, oscillators etc) were optimized to open faster on slower devices;
  • improved: more space for scrollable lists and menus on a display by temporarily moving away the bottom screen bar;
  • fixed: part level indicators sometimes worked incorrectly;
  • fixed: Pitch Shifter IFX was sounding very differently when using different system sample rates;
  • fixed: when sample start parameter is not zero, sometimes it caused a click;
  • fixed: sometimes, when using playback sync with the Midi Clock, Play button was not lit;
  • fixed: issue with the Midi Thru, which was initially ON by mistake;
  • minimal fixes in the “Catch” knob midi mode;
  • some minimal interface and graphics improvements.

Groove Rider GR-16 costs $18.99