Percussa micro super signal processor

iVCS3 is a truly amazing recreation of the 1969 classic from Peter Zinovieff’s EMS company. It is one of a great collection of unusual apps for more experimental uses and has had a steady stream of updates to make it more useful to those of us who would like to experiment with the real thing but could almost certainly never afford it.

In the latest update we have …

  • Audiobus 3 New MIDI Receiver Port
  • New Slider/Knobs resizable range for the LFO/MIDI/Accel etc…
  • New Quick View for the Presets Manager, simplify the Presets navigation while playing the Keyboard
  • Fixed: Samples re-trigger when playing via MIDI Keyboard
  • Fixed: Samplers Speed Scanning when the SR is changing
  • Fixed: MIDI Program Change (presets selection) will not affect the incoming MIDI note on/off
  • New implementation for LFO which improve performance when you put app in background or switch app etc..
  • Flanger/Echo Toggles removed clicks
  • MAIN Start/Stop audio fade
  • AUv3: LFO Start/Stop bug fixed for multiple instances
  • Midibus 1.39 SDK
  • Audiobus 3.0.3 SDK
  • Ableton LINK 2.1.2 SDK
  • New Send/Receive jitter-free MIDI clock
  • Disable Auto-Lock Screen
  • iPhone X compatibility
  • MIDI Channel for note on/off/pg, fixed
  • Joystick MIDI Range, fixed
  • Some minor iPhone UI bugs, fixed