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K Machine is a pretty unusual app. It’s developer describes it as “The K Machine is an audiovisual instrument , sampler and sequencer, allowing the creation of audiovisual animations based on visual shaders and audio samples, and designed for musicians, shaders enthusiasts, VJs, and animation lovers in search of a live oriented, open, audiovisual instrument.” Which is a fair assessment. It’s not your run of the mill app by any means, and this latest update brings so many new features and tweaks there’s almost too much to get your head around. But you can try. Here’s the whole list:

  • Audiobus-SDK-3.0.3 integration.
  • Audiobus: K Machine can now be used as a filter. The filter only passthrough the input sound, but is useful to add the K Machine as a filter in AUM.
  • Audiobus trigger: start/stop and rewind.
  • Audiobus State Saving for specific project.
  • 4 New sound effects available for each track: gate, delay, limiter, clipper.
  • Auto fade in/out to avoid previous sound glitch on tempo change when selected loop change.
  • New buffer type: raw sound data, accessible in glsl through ‘soundBuffer’ texture uniform parameter.
  • User settings: configurable vertices number up to 1 million points: 3 possible values: 65536, 262144 and 1048576 (These are the maximum particles/vertices number, used when not ‘KVerticesNumber’ set in the glsl code).
  • User settings configurable frequencies buffer width for better precision on frequencies datas.
  • User settings configurable size for raw sound data buffer: 3 possible sizes.
  • User settings : new transition open GL rendering mode available, “Points” for smoother transition when using large number of vertices.
  • New ‘loopProgress’ glsl uniform parameter, with value 0. (loop start) to 1.(loop end).
  • Audiobus Remote integration: K Machine can now be control from the Audiobus remote app, with start/stop playing sequential, start/stop playing record, mute control for each track.
  • 25 new vertex shaders files, grouped in the ‘SHADERS_Default_V2_7’ directory.
  • 2 new Example shaders files: one for ‘loopProgress’ parameter, and one for ‘soundBuffer’ parameter.
  • Smooth project loading and saving.
  • Hard reset feature.
  • Audio and visual engines optimizations.
  • Many bug fixed (Audiobus port visibility, open in in IOS 11…).

K Machine is on the app store and costs $9.99: