NOIZ is Studio Amplify’s second app, and it’s just over a year old now. Studio Amplify have updated it pretty continually since launch. This latest update, version 2.4 has added a very useful new feature, remixing. Now you can grab any track from your feed and simply remix it by pressing the button. That’s pretty cool.

Studio Amplify have been putting out great apps since their first, Junglator. NOIZ was a big shift and one that really added to simplifying music creation. KRFT, their latest app, has a very different take on modular music creation. You can certainly say that they do things differently.

  • Sometimes, the biggest part of the story is that developers are still updating their apps. Upon noticing a notification from AppShopper, my main thought was that Studio Amplify didn’t abandon NOIZ because of their KRFT work.
    With Wolfgang Palm is teasing out a new app, the Summer is a nice time to check on older apps. Is Waldorf next?

    (BTW, this post appeared as the “previous post” from the Viktor NV-1 one, but it doesn’t appear on the homepage and the 1 August page doesn’t exist. Not yet sure how the new layout works…)